How to Create a Keystone Light Keith Stone Costume

by |October 8, 2012
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This costume is smooth. This costume is cool. But most importantly…this costume is inexpensive! Keith Stone, the popular mascot from the Keystone Light commercials, is a quick and easy costume anyone can put together in a hurry and on a budget.


Keith Stone quick shopping guide 80s brown mulletmississippi mud mullet



keith stone




First thing you will need is a mullet. We aren’t talking a Dog the Bounty Hunter mullet. It’s a shorter and “cleaner mullet.” You will need to purchase this mullet wig and cut it down to about jaw level.


brown mullet

(80s brown rock mullet)


If you don’t have a black baseball-style cap, this may be an inexpensive alternative.


trucker hat

(FBI hat)


If you can’t grow your own, you will also need to purchase this suave mustache to complete the look.



(Cop mustache)



If you don’t have an old black t-shirt lying around, I suggest purchasing one. T-shirts can obviously vary in price, but for this Halloween, I would suggest this one.


costume tshirt

(Costume T-shirt)


The remainder of the wardrobe is pretty straight forward and simple. Throw on a pair of old blue jeans for pants. Shoes or boots also work with this costume; wear what’s comfortable. You are also going to have to find some sort of vest or cut the sleeves off this jacket and make your own!


leather jacket

(Adult Adventure jacket)


Any most importantly, you need the ULTIMATE Keith Stone Accessory: a case of Keystone Light!



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