How to Create an X-Men Storm Costume

by |October 5, 2012
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Updated: September 14, 2015

Looking for a super Halloween costume, ladies? Anybody who can get their hands on a red wig is probably going to be the "Avengers" Black Widow. But you're more discerning. You want a character with even cooler hair. And maybe some superpowers. We've got the perfect idea, a Storm X-Men costume. To inspire some Storm costume ideas, we're going to give you some inspiration for your Storm costume, DIY style.


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Played by Halle Berry in the "X-Men" trilogy, Storm has gorgeous silver/white hair, a cool superhero costume, and the power to control the weather.

Storm from xmen



You can get the look with this white wig or this silvery one, depending on what floats your boat.





If you are looking for a short hair wig to match the newest version seen in X-Men: Days of Future Past, and the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse film, try this silver superhero wig instead.



Silver Superhero Wig


And if you don't happen to have a black leather jumpsuit just lying around... well, try this one on for size. It's technically a Black Widow jumpsuit... but you could just make an X out of silver duct tape and put it over the buckle and no one would know the difference. Plus, next year you can get that red wig and recycle the costume for Black Widow. It's a great investment! We've also got an unofficial version of the classic Storm costume that includes a jumpsuit and cape. It's a great budget-friendly option - check it out!



Thunder Superhero Costume


In the upcoming film in the franchise, X-Men: Apocalypse, it appears we will be seeing a younger version of Storm. Played by Alexandra Shipp, young Storm will be rocking a silver mohawk and a purple version of the iconic jumpsuit with cape.





This deluxe velvet and satin hooded cape could be modified into a young Storm cape. You could also turn this adult deluxe batgirl cape inside out to highlight the purple. The bustier chest piece will be the trickiest part, with a clear look at the fabric and style currently unavailable. Our women's purple leggings will give you a great start, though...or should we say a leg up!


There are a few other steps you can take if you want your Storm costume to stand out. In the movies, when Storm uses her weather powers, her eyes go white, like so:


storm from xmen


You can easily get this look from some creepy white contact lenses.

Also, in the comics, Storm went through a punk phase and adopted a sweet white mohawk.


storm from xmen


If you're good with hair, you can get one of those white wigs and style it up! Storm has also been known to rock a cape. And you can, too! How about this one?



(Black Hooded cape)


Don't forget shoes. Storm should have some kickass black boots. You're probably wearing some right now, but just in case you don't have any, you could look at these, sexy knee-high boots are more your speed.


sexy black boots

(Sexy knee high boots)


Whatever accessories you choose, you'll be sure to rock your costume party like a hurricane.



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