How to Create a Riddler Costume

“Riddle me this, riddle me that. Who’s afraid of the big, black bat?” Not you! Nope, this Halloween YOU will be the one who terrorizes the fair streets of Gotham. And you’re going to do it! … on a budget.


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Jim Carrey the Riddler



Step-By-Step Guide


Depending on the incarnation of the Riddler you’d like to be, orange hair spray may be an option for you. Unlike the Riddler from the 1960s, the modern Riddler has short, orange hair. A quick orange hair spray or short wig may be just the thing you need! For the vintage Riddler from the '60s, just add a bowler hat or fedora in black or green.


vintage Riddler




If money is an issue, skip over this section completely and go for the look of the contemporary Riddler. There is no make-up or mask of any kind necessary. However, for a few extra bucks, buy some green face paint and slap on that modern Riddler mask in an instant. Apply some black paint around your eyes first to really make that mask pop!


green makeup

(Green makeup)



For a classic Riddler look, find a green pair of slacks and suit jacket. Any shade of green works and you can really mix and match colors on this one. For the Jim Carey look, pick up a green man suit. You will have to alter this by cutting off certain portions of the suit.

For either costume, you will need to cut out some cardboard stencils in the shapes of question marks. Use black spray pain to cover your choice of costume in question marks to complete the look. Try to use various sizes of question marks, as well. For those making the traditional Riddler costume, be careful when spray painting question marks on your suit jacket. You don’t want to wind up looking like the crazy guy from those old TV commercials!


Riddler suits

(Green morph suit / Green tuxedo)



These costumes are simple and there aren’t many Riddler accessories to choose from. However, the Riddler has been known to wear gloves, carry a cane and wear an amazing fedora hat. Find a pair of nice dress shoes to complete the vintage Riddler costume, or get a pair of green or black boots to top off your modern Riddler costume.


Riddler accessories

(Green top hat / Black Joker gloves / Black novelty cane)


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