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by |December 19, 2011
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We all have those people in our life that are notoriously hard to shop for during the holiday season. They’re either the “Bah, humbug!” type or they already have everything, making it difficult to go out to the store and just pick something up. But, like anything in life, it’s the thought that counts. When it comes right down to it, it doesn’t matter how silly the present is; if it reminds you of that person, then that is the right gift. This list consists of the toughest characters in all the geek kingdom that we think would be the toughest to find a present for year after year. Still, with enough thought, care, and love, you too can achieve a memorable gift for your favorite character icon. Plus: once you figure out what to buy Yoda, picking up a gift for your little sister doesn’t seem so hard, hmm?



So, let’s start here. What do you get a 900 year old Jedi Master? A new knobby cane? A new burlap robe? How about an insulated hut with higher ceilings? Perhaps the Jedi ideology is getting in the way here, lack of possessions and all that. Since Yoda doesn’t want anything (except balance brought to the force), how about getting him a simple Santa hat. It’ll be the right size of a gift to make the little guy a bit more festive, without too much flash or material longing. Also, have you seen Dagobah? String some lights and spruce up the place, please!


Santa Yoda

Buy the hat here!



From one little green Muppet to another: Kermit. Our favorite frog is back in the spotlight after starring in the hit film The Muppets, but did you know he is over 50 years old? That’s right, Kermit is over the hill. He’s a difficult guy to find a gift for because he lives a pretty simple life. He’s naked all the time — unless he’s reporting for Sesame Street — and he already has a banjo, seemingly his only prized possession. What would a frog really want? Well, I thought, for those long nights on the road with Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, he’ll need a good pillow to snuggle up with, and what better than a pig-shaped Pillow Pet, filling that lonely gap in absence of his beloved Miss Piggy.


Kermit and Pig Pillow

Toddler Kermit Romper



The ultimate geek of geeks. What could Dr. Cooper possibly want that he doesn’t already have? He has everything. He’s aware of everything. He’s possibly the most difficult person on this list. So, the only way to get a gift for someone like Sheldon, is to surprise him with something out of the blue, but with full knowledge of his true personality. Also, it helps to break the fourth wall and get meta by presenting official merchandise to the characters that inspired it. Trippy, no? Sheldon would certainly appreciate this “Soft Kitty” plush to sing him his Memaw’s song whenever he needs to hear it.




What do you get a maniacal, homicidal, sociopathic killer for Christmas? Well, you don’t want to be implicated by getting him something he could use as a weapon, so new golf clubs are out. Let’s see here… The Joker loves irony, so how about a utilitarian gift that any villain can use? It has to look stylish, as well as stand as a potential laugh maker, which is the Joker’s main prerogative in life. Well? Achieve all of this with a pair of Batman Nike Dunks! I can just imagine the Joker wearing these, and I’d definitely throw him a good guffaw his way.


Joker with Batman Nikes

Grand Heritage Joker Costume



You know, Dr. Manhattan is pretty powerful and in tune with the spiritual nature of the universe. Therefore, he doesn’t need such paltry, socially-required things such as underpants. He is beyond underwear now. What Dr. Manhattan doesn’t seem to understand is that he is making everyone else – those poor folks like you and me who are not so enlightened to the mechanisms of the universe – uncomfortable with his nudity! Someone get that glowing man a Snuggie, stat! It even comes in blue to match his color. Whew, problem averted, and now he’s all warmed up to boot.


Dr. Manhattan Snuggie




Doctor Who has a TARDIS, Sonic Screwdriver, and a never-ending TV series. Unfortunately, we’re stuck in one time/space reality, unlike the good doctor, and we’re not able to get something truly exotic from, say, another plane of existence, for example. But, you know what Doctor Who is really missing these days? A comfortable, eye-catching scarf. That’s right — a scarf. Why did Doctor Who stop rocking the scarf in the first place? The Fourth Doctor owned that look and then it just went away. Sure, the bow tie is cool, but it’s just not the same...


Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver

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Although technically not-so-geeky (besides Belle), Disney princesses need gifts, too. When you think of these ladies, you might think that they’re either just marketing tools or, to be honest, you haven’t thought much about them at all in the first place. Well, there’s a bunch of typical stuff you could give these girls: Ariel could get a thing-a-ma-bob, Belle a talking tea cup, Snow White an apple that isn’t poisonous, but that’s so boring. Upgrade: give them this amazing book by legendary Disney animator Glen Keane. The ladies will all be surprised at the lovely, artful representations of themselves, and will much appreciate something so apt to sit atop their magical coffee table.


Disney Princess Book

All of our Disney princesses can be found here.



Ah, another character that just seems to have everything. Harry Potter has a wand, enchanted objects, and Butterbeer, so it seems that a muggle like you and I have little to offer a wizard. However, there are a few things that have crossed the threshold from the wizarding world to the muggle landscape that we can offer up. Harry is having a good year; his movie was a big hit, and his theme park is expanding its location to the east coast. What better way to celebrate than candy! There is nothing more jovial and celebratory than Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Jelly Beans. Get Mr. Potter some of this candy, or alternatively (and slightly more responsibly) a new pair of robes, since he likely grew out of his old ones. (How old are those kids anyway? They look like they’re in their mid-20s). Warning on the jelly beans: avoid “rotten egg” at all costs. It’s really bad. Trust me.


Harry Potter Presents

Replica Harry Potter Gryffindor Robe



One thing that never changes about Mario is his facial hair. He consistently sports a plump, whimsical mustache, and it ain’t going anywhere. Every mustache caretaker knows that those hairs can start to get out of control, flipping up in to the nostrils or off to the side making one look extra ridiculous. Mario always has to look his best for Princess Peach, so the hard-working plumber can always use a fresh can of mustache wax! This is the perfect gift for Mario, as well as Luigi, in case he’s on your list, too.


Super Mario's Mustache

Mario Costumes




Walking Dead Zombie


What's this zombie reaching for?


Altoid Tin

Altoids are the perfect gift for any zombie. They need them. Badly. Buy in bulk just in case the zombie apocalypse hits this season.

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    I really don't feel like The Joker deserves a Christmas gift. I mean, if anyone should be on the naughty list, it's him. I vote lump of coal!!!
    Tuesday, December 20, 2011 at 4:01 PM