Men's Group Costumes Ideas for 2012

If you’re a girl, coming up with a Halloween costume is easy. Pick something, really anything, like a cat or firefighter or baseball player, and make it “sexy.” Bam. Done. For guys? Not so easy. You have to get creative if you want your group of guys to stand out on Halloween. A little extra effort goes a long way and we guarantee that your craftiness and hard work will definitely get recognized. For those of you who need some inspiration, the crew has put our heads together to think of some of the best group costume ideas for men.




Reenact your favorite mini games with your own five-player Mario Party group costume. The plumber brothers and their evil alter-egos are immediately recognizable, as well as Toad’s mushroom-capped hat. Make an entrance at your Halloween party, complete with red and green shells, coins, and a Bob-omb or two. No girls here, but don’t worry – your princess is in another castle. 


Super Mario Brothers Halloween Costumes

Mario / Toad / Waluigi / Wario / Luigi




DC, Marvel – anything goes on Halloween! Now is the time to act out all your imaginary battles between Spidey and Cap’n or finally see what would happen in a match between Iron Man and Batman. (Has that fight happened already?)  There are plenty of superheroes to choose from, and it is a perfect way for your group of men to dress as the good, but still tough, guys on Halloween.


Men's Superhero Costumes

Iron Man / Batman / Green Lantern / Captain America / Spider-Man




If you’re not so much a crime-fighting, spandex-wearing group of guys, but you still want to have some science-fiction superpowers, consider dressing up as members of Star Wars’ Dark Side. Plus, who would mess with a group of Alliance members strolling down the street? Don’t forget to load your iPod with the Imperial Death March.    


Star Wars Halloween Costumes

Darth Maul / Darth Vader / Jango Fett / Jedi Robe / Stormtrooper




Freak out all your friends with this creative super-group of classic horror movie villains. Everyone in this group costume for men is definitely hair-raising. Frank the Bunny, we might not quite understand what your deal was in Donnie Darko, but you looked really creepy anyway.


Scary Movie Halloween Costumes

Chucky / Scream / Freddy Krueger / Frank the Bunny / Leatherface / Michael Myers




Whether you mean to be controversial or not, this group costume is sure to draw attention! Dress up as a collection of easily recognizable religious leaders and act out all your favorite jokes. “A priest and a rabbi walk into a bar…”


Biblical Costumes for Men

Priest / Friar Tuck / Jesus / Moses / Rabbi / Pope / Spiritual Guy




Feel like being mysterious for Halloween? This group costume provides more than enough disguise that no one will know who any of you are. And, dressed like that, will they want to know? Just kidding! This full-body group costume is perfect for photo-bombing strangers’ pictures at parties.


Zentai Halloween Costumes

Green / Black / Camouflage / Red




There’s nothing like a group of four grown men dressed as, well, whatever the Teletubbies are. Be prepared for exclamations from friends and party-goers that “they remember that show!” and “I can’t believe you guys dressed as the Teletubbies!” Awesome. 


Group Teletubby Costume

Dipsy / Laa Laa / Po / Tinky Winky




Here is another awesome group costume idea for four guys. Pick your personality and dress as the Ninja Turtles! You can hang out and eat pizza before the party, of course. This themed costume idea is ideal for children of the 80s and lovers of all things retro.


Adult Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Costumes

Raphael / Leonardo / Michelangelo / Donatello




If you’re looking for another popular group of four guys for your Halloween costume, but you and your friends want to be a little more foul-mouthed than the Ninja Turtles, then South Park is your best bet. These costumes look just like the cartoon characters on TV, 2-dimensional and everything.


Cartman / Kenny / Kyle / Stan




What’s better than a man in uniform? A group of men in uniform, of course! You and your group of friends can make all the ladies dreams come true this Halloween by dressing as cops and robbers


Uniform Halloween Costumes

Police Officer / Prisoner / SWAT Team / Orange Jumpsuit / State Trooper




Dress as your favorite Muppets this year in this funny group costume for men! These full-face masks will completely transform you into your favorite characters. Suggested theme song for the night? “Movin’ Right Along” from The Muppet Movie!



Men's Muppet Halloween Group Costume

Animal / Fozzie / Gonzo / Kermit




If you are all by yourself, a costume like a cowboy, cop, or a construction worker would be just alright, but nothing too exciting. Grab a bunch of friends and dress as that assortment? You got yourself a Village People costume


Village People Costumes

Cowboy / Cop / Native American / Sailor / Biker / Construction Worker




Shows on Nickelodeon aren’t just for kids. Fans of Yo Gabba Gabba include toddlers, parents, college kids, and, yes, even writers! Tip: If you plan on going as the guys from the show, watch an episode or two and get some of the dance moves down. My name is Brobee, I like to dance!


Yo Gabba Gabba Costumes

DJ Lance Rock / Brobee / Muno / Plex




There aren’t many professions that are more manly than a pro-athlete, so if you want to go full-macho this Halloween, this is the group costume for you. You and your group of guys can coordinate and hit the town as members of the same team, or you can split up the sports and dress as a variety of athletes.


Men's Sports Halloween Costumes

Race Car Driver / Boxer / Baseball Player / Football Player / Basketball Player




These male cheerleaders might have a hard time fooling anyone, but you never know on Halloween.   Practice your side-splits and high jumps before you head out – just don’t forget to stretch first. 



Men's Cheerleader Costume

Men's Cheerleader Costume
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