Horror Scopes: A Fusion of Fate and Fright [Infographic]

by |October 9, 2018
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Horror Scopes: A Fusion of Fate and Fright

Mercury isn’t in retrograde right now but mischief and mayhem are certainly written in the stars this Halloween. For each zodiac sign, the ‘Horror-Scope’ fuses a cosmic revelation with a creepy character to shed light on your fate this fall season. Will a Gemini miss their other half at the spooky soiree and can a Leo resist being the center of attention during the costume contest? Through the alignment of the planets and insight into the psyche of the most sinister villains, each star sign reveals likes and dislikes, personality traits and advice for navigating the eeriest month of the year. Beware: celestial scares are ahead and blaming Mercury for your frightened state won’t save you this time.

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Hopefully, you're not full of inspiration from reading all about your star-aligned sinner this spooky season. Goosebumps are the only thing we want these characters to inspire. But still, it's always healthy to stay in touch with the dark side the cosmos handed to you at birth. Now you can strive extra hard to use your fated persona for the greater good. Try leading a game of kickball instead of leading a coven to violent acts. Knit mittens for your mom instead of sewing inhumane, nightmare masks. See, it's not that hard!

Did you like your perilous Horror-Scope pal? Want to see what your friends think of your new-found connection to an infamous Hollywood fiend? Feel free to share this on the social media platform of your choice or leave a comment below. While we're no planetary experts, we hope we at least gave you an excuse to curl up and rewatch your Horror-Scope companion in action. Get your popcorn, blanket, and your favorite horror movie costume ready, but don't blame us if you get nightmares later!

Infographic Designed by Brady Johnson

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