The Best Alice in Wonderland Costumes on This Side of the Looking Glass [Costume Guide]

by |June 2, 2023

Best Alice in Wonderland Costumes

We’re all mad here! We’re all mad about Alice in Wonderland costumes! There are so many costumes to choose from whether you’re looking to buy costumes for Alice, the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts or any of the other minor characters from the movies and books. These easy Alice in Wonderland costumes include most of the accessories you will need to look the part so there’s no hunting for single items and accessories to assemble into a costume! (We’ll still include a couple that are worthy of note.) Hop on down the rabbit hole with us as we show you some of the best Alice in Wonderland costumes!


Timeless Alice Costumes

Best Alice Costumes

Elite Alice CostumeSupreme Toddler AliceChild Alice CostumeSexy Dark Alice
Plus Size Sexy AliceToddler Alice CostumeBaby Alice CostumeTea Length Alice Dress

Alice is such a classic and iconic character that she’s instantly recognizable with her blue dress, white apron and hair bow. There are plenty of Alice costumes for adults as well as Alice costumes for kids, so if you’re looking for even more variety, check out these other Alice costumes! There are even alternative Alice styles if you’re looking for something a little different, such as a dark Alice costume or a checkered, psychedelic Alice.


Ever-Popular Mad Hatter Costumes

Best Mad Hatter Costumes

Elite Mad Hatter CostumeChild Pastel Mad HatterKids' Mad Hatter CostumeWomen's Mad Hatter
Plus Size Mad Hatter CostumeToddler Mad Hatter CostumeMischievous Mad HatterClassic Mad Hatter Costume

Mad Hatter costumes are popular picks for everyone—adults and children, men and women alike. The essential for any Mad Hatter costume is a ridiculous hat with a 10/6 card tucked into the hat band, and layered apparel with wild colors and textures. The only other thing you need (which is ultimately free) is a grin!


Whimsical White Rabbit Costumes

Best White Rabbit Costumes

Women's White RabbitToddler White Rabbit CostumeGirls' White RabbitSexy White Rabbit Costume
Adult White Rabbit CostumeChild White Rabbit CostumeBaby White Rabbit CostumeWhite Rabbit Costume Kit

Oh, my fur and whiskers! We couldn’t forget about the White Rabbit in our round-up of Alice in Wonderland costume ideas! These easy White Rabbit costumes come with the bunny fur parts, vests and bow ties. If you’re looking to step it up, add a clock to your outfit, whether it’s a clock purse, a clock necklace or a clock you borrowed from the wall at your house. (Just don’t be late to the party!)


Regal Queen of Hearts Costumes

Best Queen of Hearts Costumes

Adult Disney Queen of HeartsKids' Regal Queen of HeartsChild Queen of HeartsPlus Size Sexy Queen of Hearts
Plus Size Dark Queen of HeartsPremium Child Queen of Hearts CostumeKids' Disney Queen of Hearts CostumeWomen's Queen of Hearts

What’s red and white and black all over? No, this is not a trick question—it’s the Queen of Hearts! The Queen of Hearts is another popular character from Alice in Wonderland, so it should come as no surprise that there is an abundance of Queen of Hearts costumes! Regal, sexy, cute and iconic, there's a Red Queen cosplay for everyone!


Mischievous Cheshire Cat Costumes

Best Cheshire Cat Costumes

Adult Cheshire Cat OnesieGirl's Cheshire Cat CostumeAdult Deluxe Cheshire CatDisney Cheshire Cat Baby Carrier Cover
Plus Sexy Wonderland CatKids' Cheshire Cat OnesieCheshire Cat Pajama CostumeAdult Cozy Cheshire Cat Costume

Cat Halloween costumes have been popular costume choices for what feels like the beginning of time, but dressing as the Cheshire Cat will set you apart from the crowd of black cats. There are so many Cheshire Cat costumes that you might be surprised to know there are styles for men and women, adults, children and infants! Most Cheshire Cat outfits are in the iconic pink and purple stripes, but you can also find some gray versions from the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland movie.


Ready for Tea Time March Hare Costumes

Best March Hare Costumes

Women's March Hare CostumeToddler March HareKids' March Hare CostumeMarch Hare Hat

The March Hare is one of the minor characters from Alice in Wonderland, but it is still famous for appearing in the popular tea party scene. While there are a few March Hare costumes for adults, adding a vest and bow tie to a bunny costume is an easy way to assemble a March Hare costume for kids. (Make sure your base bunny isn't white!)


Other Notable Alice in Wonderland Costumes

Other Alice in Wonderland Costumes

Adult Caterpillar CostumeChild Caterpillar CostumeChild Card GuardAdult Ace of Hearts Costume
Men's Tweedle Dee/DumKids' Tweedle Dee/Dum DressChild Tweedle Dee/DumWomen's Tweedle Dee/Dum

If you’re still browsing online to add some more characters to your large Alice in Wonderland squad, you might want to consider characters like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, the Caterpillar or add a few Card Guards. Your entourage will be the envy of everyone’s #squadgoals when you have most of the cast in costume!


Alice in Wonderland Accessories

Alice in Wonderland Accessories

Mad Hatter HatCheshire Cat Accessory KitAce of Hearts WristletAdult Flamingo Mallet
Queen of Hearts ShoesUnbirthday HatAlice in Wonderland Clock PurseDrink Me Potion Necklace

If you’re looking to ramp up your Alice in Wonderland costumes, there are plenty of accessories to purchase if it didn’t come included with the costume. (Or, you might be looking to make upgrades to items that were included. We won’t blame you if you want to swap your fabric Mad Hatter hat for an ultra-deluxe version!) There are plenty of purses to match your costume as well, which is always a bonus. One of our favorites is the flamingolf golf club set, because it works great as an accessory or you could even use the entire game set for an Alice in Wonderland party!


Mad Hatter Tea Party Ideas

We all love a good costume party, and you can use your Alice in Wonderland Halloween costumes for a Mad Hatter tea party! (Or an unbirthday party, if you'd prefer.) But what will you need to have the best Alice in Wonderland-themed party? Party decorations are a must, and don't forget the food and drinks! Tea is honestly a necessity here. You also want games and activities to keep your guests occupied and party favors for everyone to take home. Check out our favorite Wonderland party tips and tricks below!


Alice in Wonderland Food and Drink

Alice in Wonderland Food and Drink

What comes to mind when someone mentions Alice in Wonderland? Many of us are immediately drawn to the mad tea party. Cakes and cupcakes, scones, tea sandwiches, and tea are obvious picks for this party setting. You can make it as simple or sophisticated as you'd like, depending on whether you're expecting kids at the party or if it's an adult-only affair. For other themed food and drink ideas, there is an "eat me" cake that makes an appearance, as well as a small "drink me" bottle. Any Alice in Wonderland fan would be filled with delight!


Alice in Wonderland Party Favors

Alice in Wonderland Party Favors

We love fun and memorable party treats to take home! You can make a small goodie bag with macarons and candies or get creative with playing cards, tea bags, or something white rabbit-themed. There are many ways to make a great party favor for an Alice in Wonderland mad tea party! Perhaps you draw in influences from the live-action movies instead of the animated Disney movie. A peacock feather like those found in the Mad Hatter's Hat? A small spool of thread from the Mad Hatter costume? Let your imagination soar!


Alice in Wonderland Party Decorations

Alice in Wonderland Party Decorations

The whimsical visuals from the Alice in Wonderland movies are a great inspiration for finding party decorations. Playing cards and their corresponding suits are lovely, as are adorable tea cups and saucers. You also have cute mushrooms, as well as clocks and flamingoes. And you can arrange them in whatever way you wish! Just be careful that your decorations don't arrive too late for your very important date.


Alice in Wonderland Activities

Croquet Game

Naturally, the most significant part of hosting a mad tea party is to eat together and share a pot of tea! However, you may want additional activities to keep your guests occupied. A game of croquet is excellent if your party is being held outside. (Brownie points if you find a flamingo croquet set!) You can also paint the roses red with a painting activity or keep it simple for the kids with flower coloring pages. There's always room for creativity here, such as a white rabbit-themed race wearing bunny ears and tails or pinning the tail on the Cheshire cat. Know who you plan on inviting to help you plan the perfect Mad Hatter tea party!


We hope this blog gets you curiouser and curiouser about all the Alice in Wonderland costume options! Check out these other storybook and fairytale related costumes on if Alice and Wonderland isn't your cup of tea. What’s your favorite story? Which Alice in Wonderland character is your favorite? Feel free to share your favorites with us in the comments below!

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