Quick and Easy Purim Costume Ideas

by |February 16, 2018

Quick and Easy Purim Costume Ideas

Getting ready for Purim, but don't have a costume picked out yet? We've put together some of this year's most popular costumes to help narrow your choices down to several easy costume ideas! This year, Purim will begin the evening of Wednesday, February 28 and will end during the evening of Thursday, March 1. Traditions include participating in the three-day Fast of Esther, reading the Megillah (Book of Esther) aloud, giving gifts to the poor, dressing in costumes (our favorite part!), and throwing festivals full of food, drinks, and dancing.

The story of Purim follows a Jewish woman named Esther, who was chosen to be the wife of King Ahasuerus of Persia. The King's chief minister, Haman, develops a hatred towards the Jewish community and creates an evil plan to wipe out every Jew in their kingdom. Esther's cousin, Mordechai, hears of this plan and urges Esther to use her influence to stop the attack. The biblical story ends with a victory, as Esther saves her community from a potential annihilation.

Purim Costumes For Women

Purim Costumes for Women

Hippolyta              Wonder Woman             Blue Regal Princess             Lady in Waiting

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Hollywood featured an inspiring, kick-butt character in the live-action superhero movie, Wonder Woman. Jewish actress Gal Gadot has been an incredible role model, empowering people around the world. From Hippolyta to the beloved Amazonian Princess, Diana Prince herself, we've got you covered for Wonder Woman costumes. Another empowering figure is Queen Esther. Purim is the perfect time to commemorate her bravery and what better way to do so than dressing up as her? We've gathered some of our favorite royal costumes for you and featured them above for a few other quick costume ideas!

Purim Costumes For Men

Purim Costumes for Men

Star-Lord             Iron Man              Han Solo           Chewbacca

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When it comes to costumes, you can never go wrong with the superhero theme. With Avengers: Infinity War releasing May 4, 2018, Iron Man, Captain America, or any Marvel Avengers character will make for a relevant and timely costume. Star Wars will also make for a great costume theme with Solo: A Star Wars Story premiering the same month. Trying to coordinate costumes with a friend? Dress up as Chewie and Han. Good luck deciding who will be who!

Purim Costumes For Boys

Purim Costumes for Boys

Black Panther         Captain America         Dash        Stormtrooper          Ghostbusters

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Save Wakanda and the rest of the world with our Black Panther costume. With huge release of Black Panther, T'Challa is definitely going to be a hit costume for boys this year. Is your entire family a fan of superheros? Make it a family affair by dressing up as Marvel's Avengers or DC Comic's Justice League! Other fun family themes to consider include the Incredibles, Star Wars, and Ghostbusters.

Purim Costumes For Girls

Purim Costumes for Girls

Descendants 3 Uma       Descendants 3 Mal         Supergirl          Wonder Woman       Batgirl

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Descendants 2 was a huge hit last year; boys and girls around the world found themselves singing and dancing along to their favorite Disney Villain descendants. Disney costumes aren't the only costumes kids are going wild for this year. The television show DC Superhero Girls has also been a hit! Empower your girls by dressing them up in characters that truly know how to kick-butt and save the world!

Purim Masks and Accessories

Purim Masks

Black Lace Mask         Black Velvet Mask        Pink Venetian Mask           White and Gold Mask

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Another common tradition of Purim is the wearing of masks.With so many masks to choose from, we've hand picked some of our favorites to help make your decision easier! Keep it classy and simple with the black lace mask. Want to get a little more fancy? Try throwing on the black velvet or pink Venetian mask, which both have more intricate designs. If you really want to go all out, try on the white and gold mask. You're sure to grab the attention of everyone in the room!

So, do you think you are ready for Purim!? What are some of your favorite Purim costume ideas? Drop a comment below and let us know what Purim costumes you picked out! Are you on Instagram? Be sure to tag us (@fundotcom_) on with your Purim costume pictures. Whether you're keeping it simple with just a mask or going all out in costume, we want to see!

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