Travel-Friendly Halloween Costumes

by |October 11, 2017
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Travel-Friendly Halloween Costumes

There's nothing more exciting than packing up your bags for a brand-new adventure! Sure, you're organizing your whole life into a transportable, soft-sided suitcase, but it can be pretty exciting rolling up your t-shirts, securing your travel toothbrush, fitting your shoes together just so. Oh, gee, now we're getting excited. Put your charger in a place you can find it, triple check that your passport is ready, and oh, don’t forget to pack your travel snacks! Who knows what is going to happen on your wild adventure? Who knows what kind of people you’re going to meet? The world is your oyster and this oyster just happens to be jam packed with costume opportunities.

Travelers in the month of October are sure to run into some costumed affairs and there's nothing more frustrating than attending a ghoulish event when you're dressed as yourself. This guide will show you all the easy ways to dress up when you're on the go. Backpacking in the Rocky Mountains? You can dress as an impromptu zombie if you happen to stumble across the coffin races of Colorado Springs. Fulfilling your grand European tour dreams? Read this blog and you won't be one of those tourists who wanders into a Venetian Carnival event and gets caught celebrating in their boring street clothes! You don’t need to lug along a heavy, complicated disguise to take part. Your costume on the go will add mere ounces to your bag and tons of fun to your trip! So whether you’re leaving for a weekend, a week, or even a couple months you’ll be ready for the next costumed hootenanny you come across!

Back to Black

Black Travel-Friendly Costumes

Red Satin Cape       Black Mask       Black Heavy Metal Wig       Black Bat Wings

Packing is tricky. Most of us don’t have the ability to make sure we’ve packed matching socks, forget packing the pants to match that wild purple shirt we tossed into our bag for seemingly no reason. But a globetrotter like you knows how to keep it simple, right? A black wardrobe for traveling will make it easy to mix and match your clothing. Just learn from our mistakes and avoid powdered sugar when you're wearing your chic black ensemble. Sure, that's a hard task when you're chowing down on beignets in New Orleans but outside of Cafe Du Mund, this one culinary sacrifice will be worth it! The above accessories will make it easy to transform your ensemble from street friendly to trick-or-treat trendy. You’ll become king of rock when you pair your black Tee and jeans with a rocker wig. Get in touch with your wild side by adding an animal twist to your favorite little black dress. Throw on this red cape over your black tank and skinny jeans to become a street smart Red Riding Hood. You might be wearing all black but with these costume accessories, no one has to sacrifice their flair for fun!

Casual Costuming

Casual Travel-Friendly Costumes

Mullet Wig       Tattoo Sleeve       Saturday Night Live Wayne Wig       Mario Accessory Kit       SNL Garth Wig

Not everyone is traveling to the big city to see and be seen. Some of the best vacations don’t call for anything but t-shirts and jeans. If you happened to line up this casual holiday with Halloween or any other costume oriented festival, it’s easy to make your relaxed garb a lot more fun! Sporting a tank top and jeans? Make yourself into a friendly neighborhood alligator wrestler with our lustrous blond mullet wig and a full sleeve tattoo, together they will take up about a centimeter of space in your suitcase and eighty percent of your phone's photo gallery! Traveling with a pal? Buckle up for an excellent party when you pack these simple Wayne and Garth wigs and glasses along. Cool and casual folks will find it easy to stow a couple costume accouterments in their carry-on and on the way home that wig will make great padding for that souvenir mug. Hey, who says traveling with a wig wasn't sensible?

Flying First Class

First Class Travel-Friendly Costumes

Fever Devil Kit       Monocle       Zombie Wig       OppoSuits Pumpkin Suit

Is that important Acme Co. convention landing on Halloween this year? Are you traveling cross country to your friend's wedding in late October? While we’re all for looking your best, that doesn’t mean you have to abandon your license to dress in costume during this spooky time of year. There are plenty of accessories that’ll take you from dress clothes to fancy dress clothes. So, by all means, sit through the eight hours of lectures and meet and greets, but once you’re released it’s time to don your dressy alter ego. Go all out and add some devilish additions to your black business attire or let your wig hair down and party like the undead. No need to bring any extra outfits along, these accessories will only enhance your dress clothes. That is, unless you’re bringing along the dapper pumpkin suit. We have to admit, we just included this example because we thought it would be awesome to bring this suit on a business trip. After all, anyone who schedules a conference on Halloween has to respect a guy with both fashion and flair. Someone has to keep the meet and greet interesting!

Traveling Incognito

Incognito Travel-Friendly Costumes

Gothic Darling       Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Dr. Gonzo       Beetlejuice Costumes       Morphsuits

Packing economically is all well and good, but dressing up halfway isn't an option if you’re headed to a costume festival. These easy-to-pack pieces are sure to turn some heads. The suits will take the party to another level when you’re dancing with ghouls and gremlins under bright lights! These are goofy, ghoulish, and gorgeous options and they all pack up with ease when you're ready to head home. The Gothic girl dress will look cute on the street and you can make it party-friendly by braiding your hair and pulling on some white knee highs. Tight spandex onesies and pleated dresses not your kind of costume? A great wig has always been part of the incognito way and what's more fitting than traveling as one of the world's most infamous journalists? Just stay clear of the Las Vegas Strip, we're not sure Gonzo is welcome there after how his last trip went down. Now, Beetlejuice? He'll be right at home where ever people are chanting his name! Maybe you've just robbed a bank or witnessed a mafia crime, maybe you're hitting the road for adventure's sake. Either way, traveling incognito has never been this fun!

Trekking in T-Shirts

Travel-Friendly T-Shirt Costumes

Oktoberfest Fraulein Shirt      Pirate Costumes       Batman Costume Shirt       R2-D2 Tank Top

Are you thinking, "sure, I’d love to dress up for Oktoberfest but why should I bring along a costume that I’ll only wear for one event?" Well, when you pack one of these t-shirts, your costume and your every day casual wear become one and the same! You’ll be welcomed into the Oktoberfest beer hall with open arms and you don't even need to change your clothes. Take your simple t-shirt to the next level with a couple cute braids or by slipping a pirate patch over your eye, depending on the shirt's graphic, of course. Traveling with friends? Have them bring along complimentary shirts. We’ve got the Robin for your Batman, a Leia and a Vader, we even have a Lederhosen t-shirt to go along with the sweet Fraulein, Ach du Lieber! Since these t-shirts are easy to pack and make slick street wear, your costuming options are vast as the endless road ahead of you!

Roughing It

Roughing It Travel-Friendly Costumes

Mustache Multi-Pack       Vampire Fangs       Slashed Temporary 3D Tattoo Kit       Wonder Superhero Accessory Kit

Is your suitcase straining at its zippers? Are you traveling light with nothing but a carry-on and one personal item?  Are you thinking about securing it shut with a couple rolls of duct tape? Hey, we've all been there. We feel for you. You might be thinking, “Psh! No way I’ve got any room for a costume in here.” We get it, you've got to be sensible. But have no fear, you've still got options! These accessories are small enough to slip into that tiny side pocket that’s made for a tiny travel journal you never actually use. So, leave that unreasonably hard-to-write-in Mead book behind and bring along one of these accessories. It’s awesome how easy it is to transform yourself when you simply slap on a dashing ‘stache or put on some dangerous-looking fangs. Now you can say that you've traveled the world and nowhere, not once, have you ever been called a party pooper. Your poor duffle might look ready to bust but take it from us, there’s always room for a little more fun in there!

Every adventurer can carry a little whimsy in their pocket whether you're riding the subway in the Big Apple or you're venturing down country roads by motorcycle. The view from your hotel room might be unique and beautiful but traveling isn't only about seeing the sites, it's about connecting with people. Maybe you're from different cultures, maybe you eat different foods, or speak a different language, but when you get together in costume, you'll find you have more in common than you thought! So slip those vampire fangs into your side pocket and ready your tuxedo t-shirt, it's time to get to know the world! Tell us all about your travels in the comments below, and be sure to check out our fun Halloween accessories!

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