Best Cat Halloween Costumes

by |July 19, 2017
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Best Cat Halloween Costumes

Don’t be alarmed, but cats are taking over the world. Yes, those little darlings are stealing our hearts and they’ve even conquered the internet with memes, gifs, and downright adorable videos. Even the ancient Egyptians worshiped those furry little critters, so it’s not surprising that we still can’t resist them in the modern age. Of course, their appeal has gone nuclear since intrepid cat owners began posting pictures of their pets wearing costumes. Cats and costumes together? That combines two of our favorite things—be still our beating hearts!

We’ve found some of the best cats in Halloween costumes, so you can get some ideas for your kitty this season. Just check out the best cat Halloween costumes on the internet.

Taco Cat


Just in case you’re late to the party, the phrase “Taco Cat” is spelled the same ways forwards as it is backwards. Take a moment to think about it… crazy, right? Well, this particular Taco Cat photo is glorious!

Shark Cat


Many of you may know him as Max the Roomba Cat, but you have to admit he’s got a killer sense of style when it comes to costume choices. Unfortunately, the lovable feline passed away, but he will always be revered as the fiercest predator to ride a Roomba while wearing a shark costume.

DJ Cat


Need some sick beats? Then it’s time to get DJ Cat up in the house! Everyone knows that cats have some mad scratching skills and this little cutie is definitely no exception. Just make sure not to lend him your original Beatles Abbey Road vinyl!

Hello Kitty Cat


Here’s a little kitty cosplaying as her favorite celebrity cat! Hello Kitty has been around for almost 5 decades and she’s been an awesome character for other cats to cosplay as. This cat certainly looks pretty fantastic for being almost 50.

Yoda Cat


Cats are often wise beyond their years. They don’t let little troubles plague their mind. They just find the nearest sunbeam and cuddle up for a nap, or they roll around on the carpet for a while, or they peer endlessly outside the window and ponder the meaning of life. That’s why Yoda makes perfect sense for a cat! He's also one wise little pointy-eared pal.

Superman Cat


Cats are superheroes. They’ll chase down a pesky fly that’s been buzzing around the living room and they’ll always try to cheer you up when you’ve had a bad day (provided that you’ve filled the food dish). Yes, it’s only fitting that this little kitty is wearing a tried-and-true superhero costume.

Bumble Bee Cat


Some cats are busier than humans! After all, they need to run around the house at night for literally no reason at all and they also need to maintain a vigilant watch over all the windows in the house. They also need to groom constantly and alert you when their food bowl is empty. Yes, cats are quite busy little bees, but perhaps none are busier than this little bumble bee cat!

Toy Story's Woody Cat


People like to say that dogs are man’s best friend, but anyone who owns a cat knows that their feline friends deserve to share that title. Just look at this cat all dressed up as Woody from Toy Story! How could he not be your best friend?

Captain America Cat


Some cats want to act like tough guys! They’ll strut their stuff to ward off anything they see as a threat to the safety of their home! This little kitty has even taken it to the next level, since he’s wearing the uniform of Captain America. Do you think they put Super Soldier Serum in his food dish?

Pet Costumes

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You might be wondering how you can get your own cat dressed up like the fancy felines you just witnessed now! Well, the answer is that it's quite easy, provided you have a kitty who is alright with wearing costumes. There are plenty of costumes for pets and even though many of these ones were designed for dogs, they should work quite well on most cats provided you get the smaller sizes.

Well, what do you think of these dressed up kitties? Which one was your favorite? Be sure to check out all of our pet costumes to find the perfect one for your furry little friend and maybe your cat can become an internet sensation as well!

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