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[SPOILERS] Attack on Titan: How to Kill a Titan [Infographic]

Attack on Titan Infographic


Attack on Titan (aka 進撃の巨人 or Shingeki no Kyojin) made a colossal splash on pop culture the last few years. From the pages of the unstoppable Japanese manga to the anime series you couldn’t peel your bloodshot eyes away from, Attack on Titan took the world by gnashing-toothed storm. And the storm only seems to intensify with time!

There was the live-action movie making a footprint on Comic-Con, wild speculation about the true nature and origins of Titans, and “leaked” information that brewed the perfect storm for fans and YouTube/Wikia speculators. Yep, the mystery mingled with misinformation created a steamy mess that we couldn't resist. So, we tried to do some untangling by dredging up information that true fans might appreciate. Again, proceed with caution, but if you can still enjoy a show or manga with a little bit of the backstory in your noggin, then spoil away friends!



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