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5 Ways to Wear Green on St. Patrick’s Day (Without Looking Like a Leprechaun)

by |March 7, 2013
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With Saint Patrick’s day around the corner, the question of what to wear may seem exhausting.  The days of dressing up like a leprechaun to wow and impress your friends are long gone. Remember you don’t have to sacrifice your sense of style to celebrate the day.  Here are a few ways to look great while wearing green!


Explore the shades

Which shade of green works best for you? If you’re not sure, trying playing around with various eye shadows and nail...

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And the Oscar Goes to: How to Throw an Academy Awards Viewing Party

by |February 19, 2013
Categories: Costume GuidesMovies

Still crying over that misplaced Vanity Fair Oscar Party invitation? Don’t! The shocking truth about Oscar parties: they’re easy to throw. You don’t need to be a celebrity or multimillionaire to host a glamorous party for your family and friends. All you need is a little gumption and this quick how-to guide.





The first step to throwing a fantastic Oscars viewing party is giving your guests a glimpse at Tinsel Town, so roll out the red carpet....

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Five Places You Didn’t Know Had Mardi Gras Celebrations (PLUS how to throw your own!)

by |February 11, 2013
Categories: Holidays

When you think about Mardi Gras the first place that usually comes to mind is New Orleans. While it’s hard to imagine a bigger or better celebration than in NOLA (there’s not and we promise the author is not biased) take a look at our list of places that hosts their own carnival celebration!


Galveston, Texas

They say in Texas everything is bigger! If this is the case, then Texas is at the top of our list of places you didn’t know had a Mardi Gras celebration! Every...

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The History of Santa Claus

by |December 6, 2012
Categories: Holidays

Legend tells us on December 24th an obese elderly man dressed in red commits what some would classify as burglary. Into our homes he creeps carrying a large bag of presents for good little boys and girls. Underneath a decorated tree he leaves these gifts but not before consuming the milk and cookies left unattended by unsuspecting members of the house. Into the night he flies in a pimped out sleigh, armed with twelve reindeer whose names will not be mentioned. Look carefully and you can see them...

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