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The Ultimate Guide to Halloween Statistics [infographic]

by |October 13, 2011
Categories: Infographics

Ultimate Visual Guide to Halloween Statistics Header


How much candy do people eat on Halloween? How many kids go trick-or-treating? What should be on your playlist for your Halloween party? We put together The Ultimate Guide to Halloween Statistics Infographic to answer all these questions and more, including the best scary movies to watch, the history of trick-or-treating, and just what costume to pick for 2011. Read at your own...

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150 Tips on Costumes for School Plays

by |September 19, 2011
Categories: Resource

Choosing costumes for the cast of your school play or for your community theatre group can be a daunting task. There lots of things to consider (colors, size, budget, cohesiveness, theme) and people to please (parents, teachers, administrators, directors, not to mention the cast), but don’t worry! Whether you’re a director, producer, costumer, or stage manager putting on a production in the style of Shakespeare, Broadway, or even Zac Efron, you can rest easy. We’ve put together...

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Announcing Official Codex Halloween Costume

by |September 7, 2011
Categories: Fantasy, Press Release and The Guild Announce Official Codex Halloween Costume


Codex Halloween Costume

For immediate release:

MINNEAPOLIS, September 7, 2011 – The Guild and are proud to announce the debut of an officially licensed Codex Halloween costume. View the Codex costume. The costume is based on the red and white corseted dress worn by Felicia Day as Codex in The Guild’s 2009 music video “(Do You Wanna Date My) Avatar.” The Guild’s Codex...

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Choosing Your Dance Costume: 17 Lessons Learned from 17 Years of Dance

by |April 21, 2011
Categories: Costume Guides

I danced for 17 years: tap, jazz, ballet, and hip hop, at studios, high schools, and colleges. I took classes, I choreographed, I competed, and I taught. Though my dancing career has ended, many of the lessons I’ve learned have stuck with me. Here are 17 of my favorite costume-related tips:


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How to Make an Easy Hair Fascinator

by |April 10, 2011

Guest post by Julie Anne Eason

Fascinators are beautiful embellishments to add to your hair, especially an updo or bun. They draw the eye to your face and transform an ordinary costume into something spectacular. They're very simple to make and only take about ten minutes and a few dollars worth of materials. You can use silk flowers, strings of beads, buttons, feathers, rhinestones, old broken jewelry, just about anything will work. It helps if the items have a flat back (or can be made flat)...

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How to Make a Charlie Sheen Costume

by |March 31, 2011

#Fastball — How does Charlie Sheen do it?

Do you want to be #Winning just like Charlie, even though you don't have tigerblood? Here's a guide for emulating the celeb whose personality is now officially worth more than Two and a Half Men:

The first steps to looking like Charlie does after a 57 hour binge:

  • Grab a dress shirt in white or muted tone. A bowling shirt will do just fine, too.
  • Crumple said shirt in a ball, step on it, and do your best to make it as wrinkly as possible.
  • Put...

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