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Belly Dancer Costumes

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If you're looking for a unique costume this Halloween consider one of our belly dancer costumes. These amazing dancers are masters of performance using precise movements of the hips and torso to create exciting dance routines. Get one of our belly dancing outfits to roleplay as an expert dancer this Halloween!
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Black Eyelashes
Women's Egyptian Sandals
Sexy Burgundy Wig
Gold Bangles Update Main
Gold Coin Belt
Adult Gold Body Chain
Red Hot Siren Wig
Finger Cymbals
Silver Beaded Headpiece
Dahlila Face Jewel Set
Sold Out
Shimmer Rhinestone Headpiece Update Main
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Belly dancers are masters of a dance form that centers the movements of the hips and torso in its style, and belly dancer outfits are attire that allows them to show off their moves. Beads, coins, and fringe sparkle and sway with movement, adding to the allure of the dance performance. We feature several styles of belly dancer costumes that you can wear for Halloween or for dance performances. All of our costumes feature sparkle and jewels and crop tops or halter tops which expose the belly to recreate the dancers' iconic look. We have women's belly dancer costumes that come with lightweight harem pants so you can easily move to the beat of the music. Practice your sinuous dance moves, and consider adding a tambourine or a pair of finger cymbals to your Halloween dance routine!