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Belial the Demon Red Mask

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Belial the Demon Red Mask
Belial the Demon Red Mask
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  • Silicone Whole-Head Mask
  • Soft, flexible silicone mask covers entire head and neck
  • Exquisite molded details of reptile scales & horns
  • Hand-painted details add realism

There’s a reason that people tend to gravitate to “bad guys.” Sure, they’re evil, but they’re also seductive, funny, exciting, and lots of fun! Being good is admirable, but honestly, it’s kind of boring, too. What’s the fun if you never bend a rule or take a risk? You can’t walk the straight and narrow your whole life… Well, maybe you can, but it will be a really dull walk.

It’s no wonder that people love the loveable rogue or the suave super villain… or even the devil himself. Think about all the ways the devil has been portrayed lately. Usually, he’s weirdly appealing, right? We mean, he’s the Lord of Flies and the Prince of Darkness and all that jazz, but he still seems like a fun guy to party with.

If you want to capture a bit of that charming evil, start with this Belial the Demon Red Mask. Belial can be found in all sorts of stories and is a notable character in the Diablo videogame series. This soft, flexible silicone mask covers the entire head and neck and features exquisite molded details of reptile scales and horns. Hand-painted details add stunning realism. Show off your inner demon for Halloween!

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One Star
     By Anonymous / October 9, 2019
Mask is cheaply made and did not meet expectations.
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Five Stars
     By Anonymous / October 5, 2019
Amazing, just curious though. Why did it go down from 800$US to 7.50$US not complaining one bit just curious as to why it is so cheap
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     By Anonymous / March 7, 2015
Had it for a while but when I went to wear for the third time it ripped in half.
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