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Whether you’re going to bark, moo, roar, or squawk this Halloween, you’ll need some animal accessories to complete your costume! Try one of our animal tails to add a finishing touch to your outfit or pick up a pair of animal ears if you’re going to DIY something great. We hope you’ll have a great time getting wild with these fun accessories!
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Black Cat Earring
Spider Lace Choker
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Spider Rhinestone Earrings
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Snake Bracelet
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Bat Skull Necklace & Pin
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Spider Necklace
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Spider Jewelry Set
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Bring out your inner animal this Halloween with our great collection of animal costume accessories. We have a fun collection of accessories including cat tails and ears as well as bunny costume kits. These animal accessories are perfect for completing an animal costume or as a costume on their own. We have a wide variety of animal accessories for adults and kids that are sure to make your Halloween a roarin' good time!

Ears, tails, and masks are a great option for those looking for easy costumes! Suddenly a black shirt and pants turn into a panther costume and a gray hoodie and sweats become a mouse costume! Last-minute Halloween costumes have never been so easy!