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If you're getting the feeling that your costume isn’t quite complete, maybe you need a Halloween mask! Check out our selection of adult Halloween masks. Whether you want to be a superhero, a monster, or a character that will get some chuckles, you’re sure to find just what you need.
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Scary Nun Mask
Made By Us Exclusive

Scary Nun Mask

Fallen Angel Mask and Wings
Jesus Mask
Sale - 15%
The Town Scary Nun Mask
Out of Stock
UV Ghostly Nun Mask update
Out of Stock
Adult The Nun 3/4 Mask
Out of Stock
Ghost Cardinal Copia Mask
Out of Stock

Wearing a mask is kind of like wearing a whole other face. Wait, come to think of it, it's actually literally like wearing someone's else's face! What better way to get into character than to change your appearance with one of our detailed masks. When you decide to go into costume, make sure your look is authentic from head to toe by choosing the right mask!

The only question is... just what kind of character would you like to be? You could be presidential, and choose a mask that will let you say "Yes we can!" or even "Tear down this wall!" You could even be a certain candidate who's going to let everyone know that "it's gonna be yuggggge!"

You could also, of course, choose to be scary. Ghouls, goblins, witches, werewolf, zombies... Yeah, we've got those covered! With full latex masks, half and 3/4 coverage masks, as well as fabric and poly molded designs, we have the right style that will let you complete your costume.

Maybe you'd even like to provide the finishing touch to a detailed character costume. Whether your favorite Star Wars character, your favorite hero or villain from the Marvel or DC universes, or even your favorite TMNT brother or video game hero; we have detailed character masks that will transform your face. Take on your mission, run your campaign, travel the yellow brick road, or even just kick back with some sweet pizza pie when you finish your costume with one of these masks for adults. You won't regret your decision! Monster