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Alrighty then! Become the world's greatest pet detective with our Ace Ventura costumes! Figure out all kinds of animal mysteries... chase after lost parrots, endangered rhinos, or somehow get in the middle of a bizarre football scandal. It's all in a day's work for Ace Ventura. Memorizing all the greatest lines from the film will solidify your transformation after you've got one of our Ace Venture costumes!
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Ace Ventura Tutu Costume-update
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Mens Ace Ventura Costume with Wig-update
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Adult Dolphin Costume
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Ace Ventura Women's Costume-update
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Child Dolphin Costume
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Child Ace Ventura Costume with Wig-update
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Kids Ace Ventura Tutu Costume-update
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Plus Size Ace Ventura Tutu Costume-update
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Plus Size Dolphin Costume
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Ace Ventura Toddler Costume with Wig-update
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Toddler Dolphin Costume
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Plus Size Ace Ventura Costume with Wig-update
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Ace Ventura Wig
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Blues Glasses Black_1
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Ace Ventura Sunglasses
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Fuzzy Bear Treat Bag
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Womens Pink Tutu
Red Tuxedo Pants
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Ace Ventura Costumes for Cosplay

Do you have a knack for solving crimes and hanging with animals? We’re referring to the skills of one Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Did you ever want to know more about Ace Ventura? We’ve got plenty of facts about Ace Ventura costume options as well as the eccentric character. Ace Ventura is a famous character and Ventura certainly is a luminary in certain fields. While some would look to official detectives for tough cases, folks would always come to Ventura for animal ones! When animals needed help, people would go the route of Ace Venture, the pet detective of Miami. Ace Ventura, during its original release, Ventura is a comedic classic even though not all people appreciated Ace’s crass sense of humor. But we love his style, though! Ace Ventura is living the dream. He wears his professional clothing, at least Ace Ventura’s idea of a uniform and without Ace’s unforgettable bedhead pompadour, his crazy persona wouldn’t be complete. While Ace wasn’t particularly bright in regular sleuthing, Ace was hired to locate a missing famous dolphin and ended up solving a murder. Ace isn’t the type of man to just locate critters. Ace was a hit with the ladies, too! Don’t just work for Ace Ventura, though. You can join in the fun of Ace during various getup events by getting an Ace Ventura costume for cosplay. 

You can match the eccentric look of Ventura with ease if one of your favorite Jim Carrey movies is Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Ace Ventura’s outfit is an exclusive, officially licensed costume that will have folks in awe, making this costume instantly recognizable to any movie costume party! We have this diverse selection of costumes and accessories already but with the official ID badge of Ace Ventura and you suiting up in Ace’s one-of-a-kind private eye uniform, we think you’ll be a replica of Ace, himself.  

If you are looking for the famous Ace Ventura, why, this costume is pure perfection. Start with the unique hairstyle, making this costume instantly recognizable to look like Ace Ventura. If you are going to dress up like Ace, what you need to really bring this costume together is the wig! It is just like Ace Ventura’s hair in the hilarious movie and you won’t need a hairstyle this Halloween because this costume comes with all you’ll need. You should definitely wear this Ace Ventura costume with wig if you want to impress others with your movie knowledge. Don’t forget Ace Ventura Jr. because our Ventura costume with wig for toddlers can bring the whole family together.  

For comedy and mystery, we’re the ultimate choice for the Ace costume. You’ll have Ace’s hair—Ace's distinctive hair-do—and Ace’s shirt. Show of Ace’s license and practice your best version of Ace’s voice. There’s no doubt the combination of you becoming a detective with our Ace Ventura costumes that this hilarious costume is fully deserving of critical acclaim, because Ventura is the man! Take a look through the category and find your favorite choice for the Ace costume that will make you and your friend smile. How To

Ace Ventura Costume Ideas

If you've set your sights on being the super sleuth of the animal kingdom this Halloween, then you already know exactly which costume to get. You're going to need an Ace Ventura costume to portray one of the zaniest movie characters of all time. Alrighty, then!

To roleplay as the hilarious pet detective all you'll have to get is an Ace Ventura Hawaiian shirt, striped pants, and a wicked pompadour. But we've got the whole package ready to go thanks to our officially licensed Ace Ventura Halloween costumes! We've worked with the studio to produce realistic replica outfits from the movie. Our exclusive costumes feature Ace's pet detective clothes and a wig that will give you picture-perfect Ace Ventura hair. We sell the classic Ace Ventura outfit in versions for men and women. And we even offer an Ace Ventura kids' costume to get kiddos on the beat as the famous pet detective!

Men's Ace Ventura Costume

Ace Ventura Costume

If you've ever aspired to unravel a strange conspiracy surrounding the abduction of a mascot dolphin, well, then it's time for you to step into the shoes of Ace Ventura. And our exclusive Ace Ventura Adult Costume is a great recreation of the main outfit worn by the character in the movie! It features a bright floral shirt, striped red pants, and an Ace Ventura wig. It even includes a Pet Detective business card to add extra authenticity to your roleplay!

Ace Ventura Hair

Ace Ventura Wig

Employing the raucous physical comedy of Ace Ventura for Halloween wouldn't be quite right without wacky Ace Ventura Hair, so we've carefully crafted a costume wig to help you perfect your look. It features dark brown, 100% synthetic hair fibers and fits with a mesh cap with an elastic edge. The wig comes pre-styled with a side-parted ducktail, and it will just need a touch of styling after unpackaging to get the desired look. Re-e-e-e-eally!

Women's Ace Ventura Costume

Womens Ace Ventura Costume

A female Ace Ventura might frown upon questions coming out of her bottom, but other than that, there's no reason women can't roleplay as the iconic pet detective. And our Women's Ace Ventura Costume feature Ace's go-to outfit with tailoring just for ladies! Including a top, pants, a belt, and an ID card, the floral shirt has shirt flaps in front that let you tie the shirt in front to add a feminine touch to the classic movie outfit.

Ace Ventura Tutu Costume

Ace Ventura Tutu Costume

If you're all about Ace Ventura but would like a change-up from his usual clothes, then we've got a look just for you. And it comes with a pink tutu! This Ace Ventura Tutu Costume features a geometric print short sleeve shirt and a pair of plaid shorts. The pink tulle tutu fits around the waist with an elastic waistband, and the included wig completes the look. You just have to add a little extra styling to recreate Ace's pointy hairstyle from the film! Monster