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Adult Batman Movie Mask

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Adult Batman Movie Mask
Adult Batman Movie Mask
Product Information

Items Included
  • Adult Batman Movie Mask
  • Officially licensed
  • Vinyl mask w/ openings for eyes and mouth
  • Velcro strap for fitting
  • 22.5” circumference

You might not have the tragic history Bruce Wayne does, a Batmobile sitting in your garage or billions of dollars just waiting around in a Gotham City bank vault, but that doesn't have to crush your dreams of being Batman! Sure…it makes it a little hard to afford all of his crime-fighting toys and the mansion in which to store them all in, but baby steps!

All you really need right away to be Batman is the will to fight crime, the desire to learn some kick-butt moves (or just, y’know, look so dark and forbidding that people don’t even think about trying to mess with you), and a mask. The rest can come later! So start the journey out right with this officially licensed Adult Batman Movie Mask! It’s a 22.5” circumference vinyl mask with openings for the eyes and the mouth, and has a velcro strap to help you get a snug fit. To the Bat Cave (otherwise known as your studio apartment)!

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Too big for short people
     By Anonymous / April 19, 2016
This mask is pretty big on me. I'm 5'7 and I'm thinking that it'll fit me just fine but essential to have to stuff it with plastic bag to keep it from flopping around
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youth size
     By CompuDoc / October 23, 2015
This reads adult, well, if you are a pin head perhaps, but a normal adult will think his brains being squeezed out by this mask. Tight is the starting word for it, your cheeks will puff out like a chipmunks. Sure I am not thin, but I had my very thin son try it on and he too was unable to wear it because it was WAY too tight.
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Great Mask
     By SergeantJoker / October 10, 2014
This Mask Is Fantastic!!! Although you need to kind of stretch it out because at first it comes a little tight but it fits, also it would fit a lot better if you had a well facial structure to make your cheeks not pop out so much
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Great Mask
     By navywrslr / August 12, 2013
This mask fit PERFECTLY,just as you have seen the ones in the movies do. This mask is made well and should last a long time.
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