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80's Leg Warmers

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Do you like flashy footwear? But do you want your lower calves to join in on the fun? Are the 80s your favorite decade and you want the whole world to know? Well, it's time to look into the glory of colorful leg warmers from the 1980s. They work flawlessly with any workout outfit or punk music star costume. Just pick your favorite design, strike a pose, and prepare to be told that you look radical in these 80s Legwarmers!
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Have you ever been inspired by any of the dance films from the '80s? Do you agree that nobody can put Baby in a corner and that the best way to resolve a small town's community issues is with an epic dance party where everyone really shakes their foot loose!? The list goes on and on and that glorious '80s fashion sticks with us every decade just as much! If you're looking to accessorize any costume with a colorful flair, you can't go wrong with a pair of legwarmers! 

You might be asking, "But, wait. What are they even for!?" We admit that there have been a few less-than-scientific statements about the calf-worthy garment. Dancers loved them, claiming they kept their legs warm to help prevent cramping or injury while they were jumping and darting across the stage. Athletes, especially in the cold weather, found they were a lifesaver when it came to keeping their legs cozy while burning those calories. And, of course, they were the ultimate fashion statement for anyone in the '80s, whether flocking together in high school, imitating their favorite films, or just needing to add a splash of color to their couture. 

Now, of course, they are a fantastic way to accentuate your costumes and give your calves a way to join in the stylish fun. Combine a pair of these legwarmers with a workout costume and you're instantly giving some credibility to a peppy costume. Wear them with your dancer costume and you'll let everyone know which decade you're dancing from, too. Better yet, if you want to create a DIY movie costume, these are a natural inclusion for a Flashdance costume if you want to add some flash to an off-the-shoulder sweater or if you're desperately seeking an accessory for a Desperately Seeking Susan Madonna costume. 

Team up with a group of Heathers or show that you're Pretty in Pink while keeping cozy even in a chilly October evening when you slip into a pair of legwarmers. Pick your favorite colors to either make for a perfect match... or go full 1980s style with a pair that clash in a splendidly stylish way! Monster