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Ready to be your favorite character? If you need authentic movie props or TV show costume accessories to complete your character theme, you'll find them all right here. From wigs to gloves to lightsabers, we've got all the items you'll need for television or movie themed fun!
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Got a costume picked out from your favorite show? Or maybe you're dressing up as a character from your all-time top film? Well, there's one wee bit of advice we'd like to give you before you suit up as a classic TV or Movie character. Make sure you get the right accessories! Accessories can make or break the costume experience. For example, if you had an Alf costume picked out for Halloween and forgot your gloves, well, showing off your human hands with the furry suit would ruin the costume effect. For serious costume folks like us, it's all about perfecting your costume so that you can suspend the disbelief of those around you!

And that means you're going to need to pick out some prime accessories. If your character ensemble needs key costume pieces that are sold separately, you're going to want to be absolutely sure they're in your cart before you check out! Maybe your character is well-known and remembered for a magic wand, a super-powered sword, or even a distinctive mustache or goatee. You're definitely going to need those add-ons to ensure the best costume experience! Luckily, we've got you covered with all the accessories you'll need for Halloween. When it comes to accessories for television costumes and movie character costumes, you'll be able to find them all right here on this page. So, you're in the right spot!

We're super proud of our very own Made by Us costume line, and we've partnered with production companies and film studios to manufacture officially licensed costumes for some of the most popular shows and movies of all time. And, our top-selling character comes from a beloved movie trilogy of the 80s. That's right, the top pick is the one, the only Marty McFly! You're going to need some key accessories to complete your own Back to the Future Marty costume, so be sure to get our hologram hat accessory and our 1:1 scale hoverboard prop for the perfect "2015 future" look. Other top choices when it comes to movie accessories and add-ons would be all-time favorite franchises like Ghostbusters or Star Wars. If you've got any of those great costumes picked out, we're sure you're going to want a proton pack or a lightsaber to complete your theme!

We've got you covered when it comes to tv show costume accessories, too. Whether you need a phaser to complete your Star Trek costume, wigs to look like Wayne and Garth, or a Chakram to be armed just like Xena Warrior Princess, you'll find that our accessories will have you ready for action. (And, yes, the Xena costume and Chakram weapon happen to be Made by Us exclusives!) Many folks consider Game of Thrones to be the greatest TV series of all time, and naturally, we're fully stocked on items to help you complete the look for your favorite character from the show. Be it a wig to look like your favorite Khaleesi or a foam sword to carry when you're dressed as Jon Snow, we've got all the gear you'll need. We even have hard to find items, like a red beard for Tormund and an HBO licensed Night King mask. Whichever character you're aiming to be we're sure to have the gear to help you assemble the authentic look you're going for! Monster