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Ghosts, ghouls, and costume party guests will marvel at your dinner spread when it's set on tablecloths from our selection! Make your Halloween feast the center of attention by adding a table runner, table cover, or unique doily set to your seasonal d├ęcor! With options from lace tablecloths to Halloween table runner ideas, you're sure to find the right cover for tables, mantels, and buffets when you shop with us!
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Whether you're gearing up for your annual Halloween dinner party, a kid-friendly costume party or even trunk-or-treat tablecloths can be essential! The versatile lengths of fabric do more than protect the dining table from sticky fingers, juice stains, and pumpkin carving mess. They can add polish to your themed feast or an eerie cloak to a hauntingly staged room, and so much more!

Not sure what table runner, cloth, or doily you should choose? Please stick with us! We'll dive into the ideas our selection offers and help you decide if a vintage tablecloth or fake blood-stained cover is suitable for the occasion!

Are you inviting the kids' pals for pumpkin carving, candy munching, and all-around awesome Halloween activities? Then you know the importance of a good tablecloth. After all, you've already probably met face-to-face with birthday cake fights, gallons of dried and sticky juice, and all the unexpected damage a group of kiddos can cause without mess-saving precautions.

Now, tablecloths aren't quite magic—they won't prevent all of the mess—but they can make clean-up easier while adding a festive touch to any décor! Our favorite choice for kid's parties (and classic Halloween decorating) is something with a vintage feel! Try bold orange and black patterning or retro characters like cats and bats when you shop here!

Maybe you're having an adults-only Halloween event. Perhaps you've always held a dinner followed by Halloween treats that you and your friends didn't need to knock on doors to receive. Or likely, you're going classic with costume-required drinks, dancing, and mingling around spooky decorations. Whatever event you're planning, add finesse with Halloween tablecloths!

If you want guests to scream when they enter the dining room, choose a Halloween lace tablecloth or a black table runner covered in spiderwebs. Mysterious, decorative, and classy, either will stir up a response depending on how you accessorize!

Meanwhile, a gossamer black tablecloth would look excellent draped over the collapsible table, holding up an assortment of party snacks and punch. And something with a rosy red stain will definitely add a curious nature to the sitting room, whether placed on the mantel or coffee table. Is that blood? Maybe wine? Let the murder mystery party ideas run wild!

Are you just looking to bring some of your typical Halloween decorations indoors? Doilies are a great choice! And since the dainty lace tablecloths are already shaped like spiderwebs, you don't need to do much with them! Choose your favorite from our selection and decide if it will rest under candles, party offerings, or on the backs of couches and chairs!