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Sus Crewmate Costumes

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If you've been itching to bring some of your favorite video game fun to life, it's time to hop into some of our inflatable Sus Crewmate costumes. You and your friends can choose your favorite color and even pick up some hat or weapon accessories to give your look a little extra flair! Whether you're running around a convention or taking over the Halloween party, you're sure to get some smiles hanging out among us all in these crewmate costumes!
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So, you’ve been launched out into the wilds of space with a trustworthy crew of teammates, dedicated to keeping your ship, station, or far-away planet. What could go wrong!? You know that your buddy Red is always going to keep the whole place tidy and you can certainly trust that Blue will tend to all those code entries to send your reports back to HQ. And Terrifying Squiggle-Face Space Monster looks like they’re doing a great job with the life support systems, too! Wait. When did Tentacle-Creature join the squad!? You might be in for quite the time among your friends.

If you and yours are looking for the ultimate in video game group costumes, you need look no further than our Sus Crewmate costumes. Inspired by the tremendous torment that is Among Us, you can slip into your choice of colorful inflatable costumes that will have you wobbling around amidst a disguised identity. Whether you’re out and about for a Halloween party or heading to a geeky convention, these recognizable costumes will have folks wondering if you have a secret hiding in your costume. (We recommend toting a toy weapon or a clever hat to really give your costume the authentic experience.)

Of course, sometimes running around with a handful of potential killers can be all in good fun. In that case, you can combine Among Us imposter costumes with genuine alien costumes for a really entertaining group concept. (Imagine what happens when those imposters actually want to keep the ship running so they can come to visit Earth.) Just remember that everything is all in good fun. There’s no need to replicate any troubling scenes or call an alert just because you spot somebody ducking into vents. (Really, that’s a trick the other crewmates could learn from anyway.)

So, choose your favorite color scheme and get ready to take off on an adventure of a lifetime!