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Sonic the Hedgehog Costumes

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A celebrated video game hero, Sonic is the cool hedgehog with the spiky blue hair, and we hear he's pretty fast! And now you can try dashing around at Sonic speeds with one of our Sonic costumes. Whether you grew up with Sonic on the original Sega Genesis or found him later on with the Sonic cartoons and movie, our Sonic the Hedgehog costumes are a must!
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Sonic the Hedgehog Cosplay Union Suit
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Adult Deluxe Sonic Costume

Has it been too many months since the Sonic theme music sounded, serving up some piping-hot Sonic fun? If you loved the Sega Genesis, Sonic the Hedgehog is a character you probably loved, too. Fortunately, with our Sonic costumes, you can bring the protagonist of the Sonic games to life. Sonic is a video game hero with a huge personality, and we’re sure you have the character for the Sonic costumes we have available! So, flex Sonic’s spikes and take a look at our collection of exciting Sonic costumes so you can create a brand new version of Sonic for yourself and your loved ones!  

Whether celebrating the video game, the new 2020 movie, or if you just want to look like Sonic for fun, you can look for your Halloween from our Sonic the Hedgehog costumes. If you’re like us, you’re always on the hunt for the perfect Halloween costume and we’re probably of the same minds about the Sonic mascot costume on! With Sonic Generations Sonic the Hedgehog costume options, you’ll be living your best life with this Sonic look. You’ll be feeling the speed with this deluxe Sonic costume and bring all the smiles to your loved ones when they are introduced to a Halloween costume that really can communicate about Sonic!  

But who is Sonic’s appearance for, you might ask. Sonic is a truly fun Halloween costume idea for kids. Obviously, we have a kid’s Sonic costume that can be combined with any other costume but we have Sonic costumes in any size. Whether it is a Sonic costume for your 6-year-old or if you want to make it an idea for a group costume, we have what you’re looking for! Bring everyone along to the kid’s movie, Sonic the Hedgehog, jumpsuit at the ready when you have a Sonic costume available. You won’t be out of the fun, either, because we have Sonic the Hedgehog costumes for kids and adults alike. You’ll have fun showing off Sonic’s muscular legs as well as the spikes on the costume! Act fast as this top Sonic mascot costume is charging up its spin to get on the move. Just wait as the Halloween costume gets you into the game like nothing else. How To

Sonic Costumes

Sonic the Hedgehog has been keeping kids entertained for decades. Folks who grew up in the 90s were first introduced to the super-cool hedgehog with spiky blue hair thanks to the Sega Genesis. Sonic the Hedgehog helped make the video game system a smash hit and cemented Sonic as Sega's flagship character. The rest is history, as they've been making new Sonic games ever since. To the delight of fans and gamers around the world! Sonic the Hedgehog has become a popular media franchise as well, with cartoons, comics, and a feature film in 2020. So, if you've got a little guy or gal at home who likes to be speedy for Halloween, it's safe to say they'll love a Sonic the Hedgehog costume!

We have all of the top Sonic costumes for kids available right here. Our Sonic Halloween costumes are great for boys and girls, and we have Sonic costumes for toddlers to get little tykes in on the fun, too. If you happen to be a long-time fan yourself, we even have a Sonic the Hedgehog costume for adults. What could be more fun for a grown-up gamer than getting decked out as the speedy Sega superstar! With several costume options available for the iconic character, we wanted to make sure you have all the info you need to make your Sonic shopping super easy. So, we crafted this How-To! Just read on for our complete Sonic the Hedgehog costume roundup. We've got the nitty-gritty info on the top Sonic options so that you'll be able to make the best costume choice.

Sonic Costumes for Kids

So, we hear a rumor your kid wants to get speedy for Halloween. And that they don't just want to be fleet of foot. They want to take off in blue flash like their hero, icon, and video game pal… the one and only Sonic the Hedgehog! Well, we're all too happy to help get your kiddo set up for Sega fun, and you can be assured that you're in the exact right spot to take care of your costume shopping. Because our Sonic the Hedgehog kid's costumes are the best around! We've got the classic Sonic costume for kids, as well as the outfit from the 2020 movie. We have Sonic onesies for boys, and we even have a Knuckles costume if they'd like to suit up as Sonic's rival! We've got a breakdown of each Sonic outfit ahead, so just keep reading to learn more about the top Sonic costume options.

Classic Kid's Sonic Costume

Sonic Costume

The go-to Sonic costume choice for kids age 4 to 14 is instantly iconic. Because this classic Sonic Costume perfectly captures the style of the speedy blue hedgehog! A simple blue jumpsuit will have your kiddo decked out like Sonic, and it features a tan tummy and arms to recreate his classic look. The soft, foam headpiece completes your child's video game transformation. The costume pieces secure with hook and loop fasteners, which means your kiddo will be able to get dressed in a flash. Like all of our Sonic costumes, it's Sega officially licensed, so you know it's the real deal. With this costume, your kiddo will definitely be keeping an eye out for gold rings while they're dashing around the neighborhood for trick-or-treats!

Deluxe Sonic the Hedgehog Costume for Kids

Sonic Costume for Kids

The deluxe Sonic costume for boys and girls takes the simple style of the classic costume and adds on more character features. That makes it the perfect upgrade for kiddos who want to reach serious Sonic speeds! You'll see that this costume features gloves and foot covers that the basic costume doesn't. The shoe covers are attached to the suit and simply slip over your child's shoes. The white gloves are oversized for an on-point character look. With spikes from the headpiece through the back, your kiddo will look super-fast when they're out there trick-or-treating. You just might want to snap a photo before you head out for the night. Because they might be zipping from house to house so fast that you'll barely be able to see them!

Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Costume

Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Costume

Next up is our newest Sonic Halloween costume. Officially licensed, this Sonic Movie Costume is based on the hit 2020 movie that brought Sonic to the big screen. Kids who laughed along with the hilarious beats and nonstop action are going to love dressing up in the style of this new version of Sonic. This costume achieves that look with sublimated print fabric. It's designed to recreate the look of the movie Sonic's CGI fur. The foam headpiece has the same fur print on its spikes, and the suit has the signature red shoes attached as shoe covers. You can suit your kiddo up for them to have some serious playtime fun as the cool movie hero. Just be sure your little Sonic keeps his eyes peeled for Dr. Robotnik and his evil drones!

Sonic Costume Onesie

Sonic Halloween Costume

Children who enjoy costumes for playtime might prefer a Sonic outfit that's a bit comfier than a typical Halloween costume. And, luckily, we've got a costume that's perfectly suited for those boys and girls. This Hooded Sonic the Hedgehog Onesie takes the character's signature look and adds pajama styling. That means it will be a comfortable selection no matter what kind of activities your kiddo's up to! This suit zips up the front and features Sonic's red sneakers as attached shoe covers. The hood features his fun face with eyes, ears, and hedgehog spikes for full character effect. Whether for Halloween, for sleepovers, or for fun nights playing video games, this Sonic onesie suit is the ticket. It will have your child looking cute, comfy, and above all, fast!

Knuckles Costume

Knuckles Costume

The Sonic franchise has featured lots of new characters over the years. And one of the top fan favorites is Knuckles. As an Echidna, a spiny anteater, he's spiky like Sonic but distinguishable for being red. He's also notable for being slower but much stronger than Sonic. Your kiddo can suit up like the brawny echidna with this Knuckles Costume for kids. It features Knuckles' signature spiny dreadlocks on the headpiece and a foam tail attached in the back. If your boy or girl wants to go as Knuckles for Halloween, we're sure their bestie will want to go along with them as Sonic for an excellent costume duo. So be sure to shop for both costumes to make them the perfect pair!

Toddler Sonic Costume

Sonic Outfit

Your toddler might still be a newbie when it comes to walking but trust us. They're totally ready to curl up in a blue ball and cruise around at Sonic speeds! They can get a taste of hyper hedgehog speeds, at least, with this cute Sonic costume for toddlers. Styled as an adorable romper, it's made with soft velour and poly-foam fill for a comfy fit and feel. It has all of the classic Sonic look, too, complete with the blue spikes and the red shoes. It's a sure bet that photos with your little boy or girl in this outfit will look great. If you can keep them in one place long enough to snap the pic before they take off in a blue burst! Monster