Skunk Costumes

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Don't make a stink about not having a great Halloween costume yet, just get one of our skunk costumes! We have baby skunk costumes and kid skunk costumes to turn your tots into little stinkers. We also feature an adult skunk costume for grown-ups to suit up as the striped spraying critter!
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Adult Sly Skunk Costume Update1
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Adult Sly Skunk Costume

Skunk Toddler Costume
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Infant Skunk Costume
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Adult Black Furry Boot Covers
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Skunk Ears & Tail Set1
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Skunk Ears & Tail Set

Black Body Paint

Rubies Black Body Paint

Ripped Tights

Ripped Tights for Women


Making friends with skunks in the wild might not be the best idea. Sure, they’re cute and cuddly and they certainly have a great sense of style, but if you make one mad, you might just end up spending your time searching for homemade remedies for getting rid of strong smells. We’ve come up with a solution.

Wearing any of our skunk costumes makes human-skunk friendships much easier. If anyone’s ever called you a stinker before, maybe it’s about time you put some visuals to the claim! With a selection of adult costumes, you can be sure that people get your point. We even carry some sexy skunk costumes if you want to change the whole popular opinion on the little creatures! You can even dress up your little one in one of our baby costumes based on the woodland creature and avoid the chances of getting sprayed with stink (making your infant wear one isn’t a viable alternative to changing diapers though)!