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Looking for a way to express how well-matched you and yours are? Whether you go together like peanut butter and jelly or bacon, lettuce, and tomato, a sandwich costume is sure to satisfy! But our selection doesn't stop with couples and group sandwich options. Show your silly side or celebrate your favorite stacked snack with a sandwich Halloween costume that'll leave everyone craving to know where you got it!
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Adult S'Mores Costume
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"Does this count as a sandwich?" It's a debate that may never end. Here at, we've held countless discussions on the topic, and we're still torn. But whether you think a sandwich consists of very specific pieces or any stacked ingredients, you've found the right collection of costumes to celebrate. And celebrate you will whether gearing up for Halloween or any costume occasion!

Love the idea of a sandwich costume, but not sure which would serve you best? Read our brief overview of this delectable selection to learn a bit about our favorite options and how they might satisfy various costume needs!

Debate aside, every sandwich starts with a base, typically some bread. So, let's begin there with a humble slice of bread. Start your sandwich costume idea simply with a toasted bread tunic that presents every wearer with a blank slate primed for sandwich creation. Pair the single slice with a second and any number of ingredients from our food costume selection, and you're guaranteed to invent a costume unlike any other.

But perhaps you need more to work with? A base that's ready for even more exciting combinations? Try a loaf of bread costume for infants or adults. Or even a bagel with cream cheese tunic that's sure to inspire a whole different level of indulgent styles.

Got a couple kiddos on your hands that are as magical together as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Illustrate the point in stunning detail with a set of PB and J tunics that let the dynamic duo play with their food without causing a sweet-and-sticky mess!

The same theory applies to our s'mores costume set. Though some won't agree on its sandwich classification, we think the trio of treats comes together to make one the best stacked snacks, and that's sandwich enough for us!

Not interested in designing a sandwich like you would at home? Choose tunics patterned to look like fast-food chicken sandwiches, breakfast sammies, and even fancy avocado toasts! Each realistically printed costume works as-is but pairs easily with additional accessories that'll super-size your costume experience, whether inventing a pun or sharing your thoughts on the world.

After all, who doesn't want an open dialogue with a talking cheeseburger? Find out when you order our exclusive Cheeseburger Jawesome Costume Hat!

Whether you've got couples, group, or solo sandwich costume ideas in mind, we're sure our selection can help! Pick up any styles described above for a quick, easy, and perfectly cheesy Halloween costume. Or feel free to open and close the fridge a few times to find the ingredients and inspiration you need to assemble the sandwich costume you crave! Monster