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Who would have ever thought the world of bright comic books could turn into such a dark and moody scene? Well, anyone who loves the hit show Riverdale has been waiting for it! Now it is time to join in on the mystery with our collection of Riverdale Halloween costumes. You can ride in style with a Southside Serpent costume or show that you've got what it takes in a Riverdale Vixens costume. It is no mystery why you'll love them all!
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Adult Riverdale Vixens Cheerleader Costume
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Adult Riverdale Archie Andrews Costume
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Adult Riverdale Jughead Jones Costume
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Riverdale Womens Cherry Blossom Serpent Jacket
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Adult Black Combat Boots
Womens Black Stretch Lycra Thigh High Boots
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Womens Patent Faux Leather Mary Jane Shoes
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Women's Sassy Girl Power Wig
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Greaser Comb
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Greaser Comb

Goth Mary Jane Shoes
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Black Eyelashes

Black Eyelashes


What happens when you take the bright and swell life of Archie Comics and turn them into a hit show that brings out every dark desire that its audience has been seeking for decades? Well, you have the hit CW series Riverdale and the beginning of what would become known as the Archieverse. From the murder mysteries to the rising supernatural overtones, this creepy caper and teen trauma make for the ultimate in comic capers! And that means fantastic Riverdale costumes, too.

Whether you've been drawn into the drama yet or not, it's helpful to take a little tour of the seemingly simple town of Riverdale. First, you're sure to hear about the illustrious Blossom family. They're wealthy and wonderful and it's all thanks to the income from their maple syrup industry... or is it!? Become head of the high school when you dress up in a Cheryl Blossom costume. A bright red wig and a Riverdale Vixens costume ensure that you're the most popular gal in school (and maybe the whole town). 

Of course, if you prefer to take the route of the girl next door, you can dress up as Betty Cooper. A blonde wig and a reserved skirt is perfect, especially if you keep a journalism pad at your side to document all of the clues that you discover. While you're thinking of the gal next door, you might ask who she is next door to. Well, you can't have an Archieverse without Archie Andrews. Get that bright red hair and a letterman's jacket and you're ready to lead the team and solve a few crimes along the way. 

If you really love the darker edge of Riverdale, there are a few more characters who are certain to stand out. Hit up the ultimate Riverdale Veronica cosplay with a Veronica Lodge costume. You can pick her sophisticated style or go with a Riverdale cheerleader costume since V is a gal who is always going places. If you need a bit more guidance, you need look no further than the natural narrator of the tale. In a Jughead costume, you can choose the nerdy outsider writing up all the words or you can really head over to the other side of the tracks with a Riverdale Southside Serpents costume. Go for a perfect group costume when Toni Topaz joins and you can have everyone wondering which season you're set in! 

But if there is one thing you can be sure about in Riverdale: there's always another surprise around the corner. Make sure that you are stealing center stage when you gear up in a Josie and the Pussycats costume. Sing your heart out or just pose like you know everyone is there for you! Or summon up some real trouble when you bring in the witch with a heart of gold from the neighboring city. Chilling adventures are sure to abound when you dress up in a Sabrina Spellman costume for that sought-after Riverdale crossover story! Monster