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Dressing up like your favorite biblical characters? Then you've come to the right place! Our selection of religion accessories will help you craft a great religious-themed costume, whether you're gearing up for a play or a pageant, or you just want to create an authentic-looking angel costume for your next costume party.
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The Town Scary Nun Mask

Picture this. You're getting together with the congregation to retell some of the greatest religious stories the world has ever known. You've put together the robes and you have the perfect person to play the role of Moses, so the pageant should go well... but there's just something missing. Moses should have a beard, right? And we always imagined him carrying a nice walking staff, since he spends a LOT of time wandering. Guys who wander, they usually carry a staff. And how about some sandals. He's known for wandering in the desert and it gets pretty hot there. He definitely wasn't wearing sneakers. In situations like these, that's when you need some of our religious accessories for costumes!

We carry a wide variety of religion accessories that are designed to go with various religious-themed costumes we carry. For starters, we carry plenty of different options for portraying classic characters, like Moses, Jesus, the Wise Men, and more. From fake beards to hats and sandals, you can find all of the accessories you'll need to transform into your favorite characters for a play or pageant. And make sure you bring a shepherd's crook with you, since every major religious figure seems to have one in the classical art depictions of them! With our selection, it's easy to craft an authentic look.

You can also find tons of different options for angel costume accessories here. Plenty of religious stories feature angels, so if you're planning on recreating those stories for a play or pageant, or if you just like the idea of adding a little angelic style to your costume, then we have some great options for you. We carry wings, halos, and other accessories for the job. Put them together and add some of your white clothing, and you have a great start to a classic angel costume. It's a total cinch to outfit your angelic style with our religious accessories.

If you want to dress up like a nun or a priest, then we also carry some accessories that will help you achieve that goal as well! You can look like a man, or woman, of the cloth by using one of our headpiece accessories. We also carry a variety of religious-themed handbags that will really put the finishing touch on any nun costume.

The bottom line is, if you're trying to dress up like your favorite religious characters, or if you want to look like a religious figure, then our costume accessories are a great way to accent your outfit!