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If there is any truth to the idea that 'you are what you eat,' it is probably time that you pick up one of these Pizza costumes! From the delight of pepperoni to the ultimate supreme, we have several options for the Pizza Halloween costume of your dreams. So, grab a slice or pick up multiple for a delicious-looking group pizza costume look. Just make sure you keep some real snacks nearby in case you get hungry!
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Toddler Pizza Slice Costume
Dog Pizza Delivery Costume
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Adult Pizza Poncho
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Toddler Precious Pizza Slice Costume
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Pizza Pet Costume
Child Red Gloves
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Adult Pepperoni Pizza Mask
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Pizza Mask

Pizza Mask

Child Black Pants
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Adult Pizza Delivery Guy Costume with Box
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Pizza has been around for quite a while. It became pretty popular around the start of the 10th century in Italy, though some forms of it have been experimented with for thousands of years! These days, it is among the most popular foods, both because of its wide variety, ease, and cost. No surprises there!

But there is one area of pizza's versatility that has been significantly under-explored. We, of course, mean to change that. So, channel the old adage and make sure that you are what you're eating and jump into one of our epic Pizza costumes! 

From tunics with terrific toppings to full pizza suits, you're sure to find the perfect pizza outfit! Naturally, you'll start with a Pizza slice costume. Pepperoni is the natural go-to option, but if you're a fan of the classic mushroom or pepper, you'll feel supreme in a Supreme Pizza costume, too!

Feeling a little lonely? Well, there are natural ways to turn this look into a couple's costume! Pizza slice with a pizza cutter and you've got a classic duo everyone will love. Or join up with a Pizza Delivery costume and suddenly you know exactly who has to do the driving when you are headed to your costume party!

A bit of creativity even lets you combine some of your favorite accessories with these costumes to create something truly unique! We have plenty of pizza-related accessories that will augment any costume. Pepperoni decals and pizza masks let you create one heck of a delicious character!

So, skip the pre-heating sequence and scroll through our collection of pizza costume ideas and order yourself a delivery that you won't soon forget!