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The event is sure to be a smashing success with a piñata! Shop our unique selection of piñatas for your next celebration! Offering everything from classic Cinco de Mayo piñatas to spooky-cute Halloween piñatas, we have a sweet option for every party! All you'll need is a baton and treats before guests swing in for the fun!
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Cinco de Mayo Donkey Pinata Decoration
Sale - 28% Made By Us
Spider Piñata Decoration
Sale - 20% Made By Us
Spooky Ghost Pinata Decoration
Sale - 40% Made By Us
Pumpkin Pinata Halloween Decoration
Sale - 48% Made By Us
T Rex Dinosaur Pinata Decoration
Sale - 20% Made By Us
Unicorn Pinata Party Decoration
Sale - 48% Made By Us

Have you ever entered a party, seen a piñata, and been mad? Even if you arrived feeling a bit frustrated by the kids putting their shoes on too slowly, your partner being 10 minutes behind your ideal timeline, or something that happened at work, it's pretty difficult to stay in that mood with a piñata staring you in the face. Especially if you get to take a swing at it.

Long story short, piñatas bring joy! And every party should have one! Which is why you're looking at a collection of piñatas for more than birthdays and Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Whether you're looking for a playful way to make trick-or-treating a stay-at-home event, give "bach bash" new meaning, or enjoy a classic piñata occasion, we can help!

Our collection of Made By Us piñatas is all shaped and decorated for easy use and great looks! Corrugated cardboard bodies keep them lightweight while fringed tissue papers give each piñata its classic ruffled look, and a plastic hanging loop makes hanging the party supply simple. When we get into the individual designs, extra sparkle is added with glossy decals and metallic embellishments that help define unicorn from donkey and pumpkin from spider!

But which should you choose?

As big fans of Halloween, we've created a few Halloween piñatas to start bringing the candy hunt indoors and to costume parties populated by adults or kids. So, of course, we think you should pick at least one Halloween piñata! Our pumpkin piñata is playful and bright, just like the grinning gourds sitting on front steps, and is sure to bring delight when filled with the candies kids go trick-or-treating for.

A spider piñata, meanwhile, is great for Halloween night or a party coming up shortly after! The spooky critter is sure to send chills and thrills down spines at a haunted Halloween party but makes a great place to hide treats before the next sugar-filled celebration—spider will regulate sugar rushes or keep the excitement of Halloween alive! Just like Mr. Ghost Piñata, who's definitely ready to spirit away the sweets, if only for a moment before the Ghostbusters arrive.

A unicorn piñata would do just as well at a Halloween party. But we expect this pastel princess to shine at bachelorette parties, birthdays, or even baby showers more often! Next to our classic Cinco de Mayo piñata shaped like a rainbow donkey, this playful option will surely be an all-time favorite.

Unless, of course, you roll up to the party bearing our t-rex piñata as a contribution to the fun! The king of the dinos easily becomes king of the party, even if extinction is near.

No matter what event you're planning, a piñata is sure to be a hit! Choose yours today and check back again to see what smashing new additions we'll have to offer! Monster