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Dress up in perfect piglet style with the delightful selection of pig costume accessories we sell! We offer everything you'll need to complete your costume. From a plush pig ears headband to a playful pig nose and ears costume kit, our costume add-ons will make you the star of your barnyard-themed event!
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Step up your Halloween game with some oink-tastic pig costume accessories! Whether you're going all out in a full pig costume or just adding a touch of animal fun to your attire, our Halloween pig accessories will be a hit. It will be all about the wiggle and giggle as you strut your stuff, so make sure you have the right add-ons to bring your piggy character to life.

A pig mask Halloween costume or a latex pig nose can transform your Halloween experience into something unforgettable! Whether you're aiming for scary or cute, masking your face offers versatility and fun. Imagine walking into a Halloween party and everyone's eyes are on you - are you a friendly farm animal or a creature from a spooky tale? Our pig masks are perfect for a fun twist on Halloween frights or adding an element of surprise to your costume.

A pig nose and ears costume kit and a pig tail costume accessory are essentials for any pig-themed outfit. These versatile and easy-to-wear accessories instantly transform any outfit into an adorable pig look. Whether your child is participating in a school play, attending an animal-themed event, or simply looking to add a touch of fun to their day, these accessories are the perfect finishing touch for their piggy adventures.

For a softer touch, plush pig ears headbands or a plush pig hat are as cute as they are comfortable. These are perfect for younger party-goers or anyone who prefers their costumes with a side of coziness. You could even pair them with piggy slippers for a head-to-toe piggy look that's sure to get oinks of approval. These accessories add a delightful and snuggly touch to your personal piggy theme, making your costume experience all the more enjoyable.

If you're wearing a full pig costume, pig costume gloves and pig hooves costume accessories are great add-ons to complete your costume look. They offer the details that elevate a costume from good to great. And for fans of beloved characters, licensed accessories like our Piglet costume ears, Moana Pua headband and tail kit, and Missy Piggy headband are must-haves. These nods to your favorite characters are perfect for themed parties or fan get-togethers.

A piggy backpack like the Peppa Pig backpack is more than just a place to stash your treats and treasures. It's a fashion statement for the young and the young at heart! Whether you're off to school, on a playdate, or just out and about, this backpack brings a touch of whimsy and fun to your day. It's perfect for Peppa Pig fans who want to show off their love for the beloved character in a practical yet playful way. It's great for carrying on the fun wherever you go!

And, of course, piggy costume makeup is the finishing touch for any pig costume. Whether you're going for a cute look or something more realistic, our selection of Halloween makeup gives you the creative freedom to complete your transformation. From rosy piglet cheeks to adorable snout details, you can easily customize your piggy appearance and stand out at Halloween parties or farm-themed events.

When you buy our pig costume accessories, each item is a building block for your perfect piggy persona. Whether you're dressing up for Halloween, putting on a piggy play, or just having fun, these accessories are your ticket to a playful, memorable experience. So go ahead, embrace your inner piglet, and let the fun begin! Monster