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Overhead Halloween Masks

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Are you looking for a complete costume? Because when you're talking about becoming a new creature from head to toe, you must get the whole noggin! A simple mask might not be enough. Those little straps that slip over your ears may be convenient, but they leave a lot to the imagination. With our Overhead Masks, you can cover your face and the back of your head, creating a total transformation! Let's take a tour of our Overhead Halloween Masks!
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Gritty Mascot Head
Gorilla Mask
Adult Rocky Balboa Mask
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Adult Rocky Clubber Lang Mask
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Two Bit Roar Gorilla Mask
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Adult Bane Mask
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Masks are one of those costume accessories that we're always going to need. Not only are they a huge part of our history, but they really can pull an outfit together in a way that other items can't compete! From school play antics to movie marathons and costumes for conventions or iconic Halloween outings, you can't go wrong with the right mask.

Is it the supernatural quality to them that draws our attention? Perhaps! They've been around for thousands of years, either to chase away wicked spirits or call attention from kindly ones that might offer us a reward. (Perhaps that's why Halloween masks are so popular for trick-or-treating!)

But there are also many different types of masks. From simple to complex, sometimes the masks you really want are the ones that can truly top off your look. When that's the goal in mind, you need to get your hands on an overhead mask. 

What's that mean? Well, an Overhead Halloween Mask covers your entire head. That means your face is disguised but it may also feature a cowl or backing to the mask to transform the whole of you with a single item. Keep your true identity a secret or really step into the role in full when your overhead mask truly completes the transformation!

Looking for a few examples to kick your costume ideas into high gear? Well, imagine you've got the dark robe of a reaper. You'll hardly have anyone shaking in their bones if they can see your smiling face! A scary overhead skeleton mask makes your terrific costume truly terrifying, too! From aliens and specters to classic monsters, you'll find any option here!

We have several licensed overhead masks, too. Bring your Disney dreams to life when you step into the field with a Mouth Mover mask that not only encompasses your entire head but also lets you laugh and sing with the magic of an animated outfit, too! On the opposite spectrum, you'll find classic slasher character masks that work great for any outing.

Superheroes, Star Wars characters, and even simply silly situations are all made more realistic when you have an overhead mask for Halloween. So, scroll through and find some of your favorites. Buy an overhead mask today and you'll be able to transform into your ultimate costumed character in no time! Monster