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Get wrapped up in the spooky season's fun with Halloween mummy decorations! Whether decking the halls or trimming the porch and yard, our Halloween mummy décor is here to inspire a tomb full of decorating ideas. Shop everything from cryptic to cute mummy decorations in our selection. With options ranging between whimsical inflatables and static statues, there's something for every carefully curated collection!
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LifeSsize Animated Mummy Groundbreaker
Made By Us Exclusive
Animated Mummy-1-1
Made By Us Exclusive
Halloween Succulent Planter Set
27 Inch Mummy Coffin Decoration
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Mummy Candy Bowl Decoration
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Made By Us Exclusive
Set of Mummy Yoga Figurines
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Mummy Restroom Door Cover

If you're looking for real mummies, they're all safely resting in their coffins, either under the sands of time or in a temperature-controlled museum. And while they're as exciting as they are chilling to see, they're not quite Halloween material. We've got the Halloween material in the form of mummy decorations!

It doesn't take much to understand why mummies have become a classic part of the Halloween recipe. Their storied curses and fully bandaged bodies are spooky. Given the proper treatment in films or art, they can be terrifying or even adorable! And our selection is here to help you dig up the mummy décor that fits your preferred Halloween aesthetic.

Let's begin the excavation!

First things first. No, not the dusting brush. What style are you hoping to achieve?

For cute and kid-friendly, we're big fans of inflatables! A sweet black cat wrapped in mummy bandages and chilling with a grinning jack-o-lantern is sure to induce nothing but a happy Halloween. Meanwhile, a simple office or living room mummy exists with our 3-piece planter set. Of course, some potty humor always brings the giggles. So, for lots of laughs, consider mummy door décor that's perfect for identifying your bathroom to Halloween party guests!

Prefer the spine-chilling nature of mummies? We can hang with that idea too! Literally!

Climb out from a pyramid's antechamber and toward some pirate gallows when you hook up one of our available hanging mummies. Our exclusive animated mummy hanger is sure to surprise trick-or-treaters and party guests alike when it cocks its head in greeting or lights up their approach. Meanwhile, our available and tragically cocooned corpse props will intrigue visitors whether hung in a haunting sitting room or with your pirate-themed outdoor display!

Of course, the spooky styles don't end there! Transform your living room into a Pharoah's final resting place, complete with a life-like mummy prop. Or plant a reawakened mummy in the garden. Popping out from between wilting flowers or bushes shedding their leaves, the exclusive animatronic is sure to liven up your landscaping!

Whether you're looking for classic Hollywood-inspired mummy decorations, realistic props for a display you've done your research on, or something fit for your office décor, our selection can help! Shop everything from mummies doing yoga for display in your at-home studio space to gruesome window graphics that'll totally transform your windows. Whatever Halloween spirit you want to raise, our selection can get you started.

Not finding what you imagined? Excavate our other scary décor collections for even more undying Halloween styles. Or check back later to see what new goodies we've dug up for offer! Monster