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Marilyn Monroe Costumes

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There's no other way to put it. Marilyn Monroe is an icon! So, if you want to channel legendary energy into your Halloween costume, you've come to the right place! Become the 1950's starlet with a Marilyn Monroe Halloween costume and all the accessories available here. From Ms. Monroe's classy yet flirty white gown to her signature platinum blonde locks, you'll find everything you need to make the transformation!
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Marilyn Wig
Cali Blonde Starlet Wig

From her days as a pin-up model to her years as Hollywood's leading lady, Marilyn Monroe was destined to leave an impact. Whether you love the 50's starlet for her comedic roles, dramatic spins, or for her overall legacy, there's one thing for sure. You want to show the icon how much she means with the highest form of flattery: imitation! So, we're happy you're here!

Our selection of Marilyn Monroe costumes offers the essentials for taking on Ms. Monroe's picture-perfect appearance. You'll have to fine-tune the singing, dancing, acting, modeling, and producing skills without us. But to get the look, we've got you covered!

First things first. You'll need a Marilyn Monroe dress. Costume dresses in this selection promise to effortlessly recreate the infamous white dress outfit. You simply need to pick your preferred fit, and since we offer kid's, standard, and plus size Marilyn Monroe costumes, every fan can channel their inner Norma Jean!

With your dress picked out, it's down to the accessories!

Got the platinum blonde locks sprouting naturally? Amazing! If not, we have the solution! Skip the bleach and add a brilliant blonde wig to your shopping cart. After a bit of fluffing when the wig arrives, you'll be looking ready to shine just like Marilyn!

Next, it's time for jewelry, nylons, shoes, and makeup! Of course, you may have everything you need already. But our selection offers a few unique Marilyn Monroe costume accessories to perfect your ensemble. Add delicate white fishnet stockings to a sexy Marilyn Monroe costume. Feel like a classic Hollywood socialite with a white feather boa. And get ready to sing all about diamonds with a faux rock of your own sparkling on your white opera-gloved hands!

Inspired to dress like Marilyn but not interested in the white dress?

Explore our entire 1950s costume selection! Or dig up a pair of short shorts and a polka dot bathing top, and you've got a classic Marilyn pin-up costume! Just don't forget that shocking head of blonde hair. Unless, of course, you're thinking dramatic role, Monroe. In that case, let your natural beauty shine and add a bandana, 50s coveralls, and handkerchief to your outfit. You'll be ready to portray Monroe's Peggy from Clash at Night in that solid costume ensemble.

In short, becoming the pop culture icon for Halloween, cosplay, or content is easy with our selection of Marilyn Monroe costume ideas! You'll find the white dress an effortless choice when shopping here but can piece together a more unique Marilyn ensemble with a bit of research and dive into our other costume and accessory collections! How To

Marilyn Monroe Costume Makeup Tutorial

This video tutorial will take you through all the steps necessary to have you looking like Marilyn Monroe this Halloween. A light brown eye shadow is used for the crease color and champagne colored eye shadow is blended into the rest of the eyelid. Follow this by adding eyeliner and a thick coat of mascara. Next fill in your eyebrows for a more dramatic look. Then, add blush and a deep red lip color. For the last step, add her signature beauty mark using an eyebrow pencil. Monster