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Are you ready for the countdown? It's 3-2-1 and then "Let's-a-go!". You and your brother are always sure to take the cup... as long as Princess Peach doesn't get in the way again. You've got so many options with these looks. Slip the cars over your shoulders for a ride in costume. Or make it light-weight and easy with the Luigi set, it has a green hat and puffy white gloves. Pair up as Mario and Luigi and you're all sure to have a blast!
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“Let’s-a go!” It’s not hard to see why everyone, practically the whole world, is gaga for Mario. The world-famous Italian Plumber is best known for stomping out koopas and saving up gold coins, and he’s also been known for saving Princess Peach from time-to-time, too. But, let’s face facts, here. There are 2 brothers in the Super Mario Bros, and you can’t talk about Mario without mentioning Luigi. And, in fact, we’re all about him!

To be fair, we think each Super Mario Bro is equally awesome, and each has their own appeal. But, they’re-a betta together! That’s right, when you’ve got a best bud, you’re sure to want to get each of you into a Mario and Luigi costume for the ultimate Nintendo theme. It’s a Halloween classic that’s never going to go out of style!

Which brings us to why you’re here. You need a prime Luigi costume, and we’re all too happy to oblige. So, go on, peruse our selection of Luigi costumes, and if you don’t mind, we’ll even give you a little helpful advice! That’s right, we’re all about your costume experience from start to finish, and that means we know full well that buying the costume is just part of the journey. So, which Luigi costume would you like?

Luigi has always been a male, but that doesn’t mean a costume Luigi is limited to just the guys. Because we carry Luigi costumes for women, girls, and kids, too! In fact, both our Luigi dress costumes and our women’s Luigi costumes that are styled like a jumpsuit are perennial top sellers. And since women aren’t expected to have a mustache ready for the costume effect, these ladies’ styles come with a mustache-on-a-stick!

The newest trend for Luigi costumes, of course, is the fastest and of the highest octane. We’re talking, of course, about Mario Kart Luigi Ride In Costumes! They take the action from the long-running and always-favorite Mario Kart franchise and bring the action to life with oversized plush Karts that fit with suspenders. Combine them with one of our Luigi kits, and you’ll be zooming around the course in no time!

When it comes to the classic costume, you can rest assured that we have the iconic style ready for you, too. Blue overalls, green shirt, green hat with an “L” on it, and a big ol’ mustache. We have sizes and styles to fit boys and men, and they work perfectly great as unisex costumes, too. The mustaches even come with adhesive strips, so you don’t have to go to any of the trouble of growing facial hair in time for the Halloween party!

Choose one of these Luigi costumes and pair yourself up with one of your best friends as Mario or Ms. Mario, and you’ll have a costume duo that’s hard to beat. To keep building on the good times, consider getting a whole group of friends to choose a Super Mario theme! We’ve got Yoshi, Peach, Bowser, and all the famous characters so you can create an iconic video game group theme. Just do us a favor when you get your friends together, will ya? Send us a picture of the good times. We just love to see our costumes in action! Monster