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Light-Up Masks are kind of a conundrum. Masks are generally used to hide someone, but our Light Up Halloween Masks aren't going to hide you from anyone, especially other masked. Still, they are great for introverted extroverts who want to party with a cool Light-Up Mask and stay as anonymous as possible. If you need some cool headgear to complement your Halloween Costume, we know you will light up your night with these Light-Up Halloween Masks.
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1 - 22 of 22
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The Purge Nun Mask upd
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Light Up White Spectre Mask
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Light Up Clown Mask
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Grey Light Up Alien Mask
Adult Clairvoyant Mask
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Red Light Up Stitch Mask
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Green Light Up Stitch Mask
Mandalorian Black Series Helmet-0
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Light Up Bear Mask
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Sound Activated Light Up Skeleton Mask 1-2-0
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When you are searching for Light-Up Masks, what do you look for? There are a lot of angles you could take. You could go the more traditional route and get a skull mask. There is nothing like a good ole skull mask. They are the classic scary look. You can put a skull on almost any outfit and turn it into one that's fit for Halloween.

If you aren't into the skulls, don't fret. We have other creepy items for you to choose from. Do you remember that scary movie about a guy riding on horseback in a flaming pumpkin? We know his cousin. He is actually a pretty nice guy. He was more than happy to model this light mask for us. Yeah, he was kind of weird, but the worst part was cleaning all the fiery pumpkin guts out of the studio.

How do you feel about aliens? Do they exist? Do they hide among us? Are they actually in control of the government? Are we in a simulation? Did they create the simulation? Ah, so many questions. If aliens exist, we don't think we want to know. The only exception is if we could see how close we were with our Light-Up Masks. Whether they are green or gray, we have a few luminescent masks that we know you will find stellar.

You have to have a ton of guts to wear these Light-Up Halloween Masks. We speak of the more traditional hearts, like that of Iron Man and the Black Panther. We have replicas of superhero helmets that will make any fan squeal with glee. Yeah, most superheroes don't squeal, but we aren't going to judge you. We screamed like crazy when we saw them, too—it happens. These masks will have you reconsidering your day job, as the light-up and sound effects will have you convinced that supes might actually be real.

If you are still looking for Light-Up Masks, we have some officially licensed masks that will tickle your fancy. A fan of DJ Marshmello? We have some light masks you think we snagged from his dressing room. Even if he's not your thing, what's more fun than wearing a giant marshmallow on your head? Well, probably a lot of stuff, but more things aren't as fun, surely.

As much as it pains us to say this, some Light Masks are not made for wearing. We know, it sounds nuts. Some masks are made to sit beautifully on your desk while your friends gawk in awe. These particular luminescent masks are generally detailed replicas of your favorite character's gear. But we won't tell you what to do with yours. Getting the mask is the easy part. The hard part is deciding what to do after! Check out our Light-Up Masks, and celebrate Halloween however you'd like. Monster