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From everyday wear to Halloween costumes, knee-high socks make a statement! Ensure your ensemble conveys the exact message you need by shopping our knee-high stockings selection! Our selection has you covered with options ranging from knee-highs with classic stripes to styles that celebrate your favorite franchises while completing a costume, cosplay, or casual outfit!
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Mismatched Celebration Knee-High Socks
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Knee-High Mismatched Pirate Socks
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Green and White Munchkin Socks
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Adult Opaque White Knee High Stockings
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Thing 1&2 Costume Socks Kids
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Striped Witch Socks
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Adult Red and White Socks for Adults
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Red and White Witch Socks update
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Bat Knee High Sock
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White Knee High Stockings
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Skeleton Knee High Socks
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Stranger Things Eleven Socks
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Kids White Green Munchkin Socks
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It's usually the smallest details that are missed until the last minute. So, socks don't get a lot of attention. Even in your everyday routine, they're probably the last thing you pick for your outfit. Unless, of course, you've been gifted a specific pair of stockings to wear for a special occasion. But whether you're here to find a quick answer to complete a look or you're breaking trends and building your costume literally from the ground up, so you don't miss a thing, we've got you covered!

Our knee-high socks offer everything from a warmer alternative to knee-high tights to character-specific prints. And the following guide is here to help you decide which pair is right for your collection, costume, or casual outfit!

Putting together a team of baseball stars for Halloween? Ace the look with athletic style striped-knee highs! You and yours will look ready to round Homeplate time and again in pink and blue or yellow and green stripes that match your imaginary team colors. Though, you can also put those athletic socks to work for a classic Stranger Things Eleven cosplay or schoolgirl ensemble!

Looking for another classic knee-high style to work with? Try a fully striped pair! Black and white, green and white, or red and white are sure to inspire everything from Wednesday Addams costumes to Christmas elves and crafty witches. Turn Freddy Krueger's fashion nightmare into a stylish dream with red and green alternating stripes. Or put those contrasting colors to work for a super festive family Christmas card photo!

Now, you could pick solid black knee-high stockings for a modest and versatile accessory. Turn your 1920's costume into something demure but sassy, or ensure your ankles don't get chilly while wearing a tea-length poodle skirt. Or you could grab a pair of mismatched socks that transform your feet into a motley pirate pair! They're sure to be a treasure for crazy sock day or a blast of Halloween costume inspiration! Of course, candy cane stripes, skeleton shin bones, and a rainbow and cloud duo won't let you down either!

Still not sure about knee-high socks for your Halloween costume or wardrobe? Don't get cold feet! This selection is constantly expanding and ready to offer a pair of knit tube socks perfect for festivities or lounging around the house! Keep your calves and ankles warm with a pair of knee-highs worn under your office garb. A pair of Hogwarts knee-high socks ensures you're not chilly walking from the parking lot to your desk while celebrating your favorite magical world. However, those classic black stockings we mentioned would do the same and look business, brunch, or holiday-appropriate! From wacky to regular, find your knee-high stocking fashion today! Monster