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The holidays are a special time of year, every year has the potential to make memories that last a lifetime! Break from the traditions of the yearly humdrum to make your kid's holiday stand out with a thematic costume this year. You'll love scrolling through this wide variety of costumes for kids that range from babies to teens. When you see the Santa suits and unforgettable turkey costumes, you'll be even more excited for the holiday season!
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Kids who love to dress up will be delighted to discover that costumes aren't just for Halloween! In fact, any holiday can be a little more fun while wearing a costume. We're sure a couple of examples come to mind right away.

For instance, dressing up for the Christmas nativity scene is a classic winter activity. Those Wise man costumes can be used again and again! Then there are the holiday dress-up opportunities that might not be so obvious. For instance, dressing up as a turkey for Thanksgiving is sure to wake people up as they doze after they've eaten the last piece of the pie that they possibly can!

Of course, some families are well aware of how much fun dressing up for minor holidays can be. Anyone who's witnessed or marched in a Saint Patty's Day parade knows that waiting around in the chilly March weather is a lot more fun when a kid is dressed up as a Leprechaun. there's something about that emerald green suit and top hat that spreads joy like no other! 

Now that we're talking parades, let's not forget the Fourth of July! A great occasion for your child to flaunt their patriotic nature, the assortment of costumes range from bald eagle costumes to historic figures, they'll want to march in the Fourth of July parade every year!

When we're talking holiday costumes for kids, we can't forget the simple options that can be worn throughout the winter season. That's right, we're talking about sweaters. How did you guess? Our Made by Us ugly Christmas sweaters can be worn from the Friday after Thanksgiving to taking down the Christmas tree in The New Year. With designs that are licensed as well as completely unique, these woven looks will keep your kiddo warm through all the festivities!

When you're picking out costumes for the kids, you might want them to match. That's no problem at all! Many of our festive looks have a full range of sizes and styles so that little baby Junior and seven-year-old Susie can wear the same type of costume and stay comfortable at the same time! That way, you can have a whole troop of elves waiting to greet your guests at Christmas brunch this year! 

Now that the cat's out of the bag, which holiday do you think your mini-costume enthusiast would be most excited to dress up for? Do you think your kiddo would be excited to dance to Polka while wearing lederhosen at Oktoberfest this year? What about slipping into a royal gown to make your trip to the Rennaisance Fair extra special this year.

Whether all your kids are matching for an adorable Christmas card photo op or you're looking for the perfect angel costume for the nativity, we're happy to bring extra cheer to all your special events this year. Lush colors, fun cuts, and high-quality costumes that can be passed down to younger siblings will make this selection a place you'll come back to year after year. And in the meantime, your chosen costume is sure to make any holiday a little more holly and jolly! Monster