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Saturday morning cartoons, Captain Crunch, scrunchies, and pizza bites. The nineties were a time of snack foods, carpeting, and pop music. While the Pokemon costumes of our childhood might have been a little lame and Clueless Costumes didn't even exist, your kids are sure to like them! Those Saturday morning cartoons can come to life after all these years with costumes from The Simpsons, Dragon Ball Z, and even Care Bears!
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Girls Clueless Cher Costume-update
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Garfield  Alt 3
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Girls Clueless Dee Costume-update
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Magic School Bus Ms. Frizzle Kids Costume
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Care Bears Deluxe Cheer Bear Kids Costume
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Child Bleeding Ghost Face Costume
Clueless Cher Toddler Costume-update
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Toddler A League of Their Own Kit Costume-update
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Dragon Ball Z Child Bulma Costume
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Child Scream Costume
Magic School Bus Ms. Frizzle Toddler Costume
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Child School Girl Costume
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It's strange that kids these days have never lived through the nineties. Yes, we know that that's what makes them kids. But they'll never know what it was like to go to Blockbuster and rent a VHS or run to answer a telephone that's hooked up to a curly cord or connect to the internet via dial-up. It's only been a couple of decades but the nineties seem like a world away. No wonder we adults are feeling a tad nostalgic. While we're not about to install landlines in our homes or replace our furniture with inflatable couches (if you know, you know) we can give the kiddos in our lives the inside scoop of what it was like to live through the nineties when we dress them up in nineties costumes!

When it came to slap-stick, goofy comedies, the nineties really shined. Kids still love movies like Ace Ventura, Pet Detective and Dumb and Dumber so letting your kid channel their inner Jim Carey in our Ace Ventura costume is sure to be an interesting ride. What better way to vent that natural zaniness? 

On the other side of the nineties media equation lies the culture of the valley girl. When Alicia Silverstone starred in the hit movie Clueless, every girl wanted to be that witty and rich. We didn't have Clueless costumes back in the day but now your kiddo can wear Cher's plaid suit. If the Girl's Clueless Cher Costume isn't fetch, we honestly don't know what is. 

Of course, there are endless 90's cartoon character costumes to dress up in as well. It was a decade devoted to eating sugary cereal in front of Saturday morning cartoons, after all. Anime loving kids are sure to dig our Dragon Ball Z costumes from Gohan to Piccolo. And scientific-minded explorers would be excited to get the inside scoop of the Magic School Bus while wearing the Ms. Frizzle costume. They can even dress up in one of our many Pokemon costumes, which was the fourth-grade dream of many of the employees here at 

For every kid, there's a nineties character, just waiting to be rediscovered. If you've introduced your kid to some of your favorite childhood characters, that simply spreads the joy. After all, they'll never write Season four of The Simpsons ever again, we might as well celebrate that era by watching it as a family just like you did when you were in grade school. 

Whether you're sharing a sentimental favorite like Forrest Gump or something funny like Dumb and Dumber, using costumes to connect your kid to those characters that were once so huge in our culture is a great way to bond. You can even check out our adult nineties costumes to find yourself the partnering look. How cute would a Child Squirtle Costume be when paired with an adult Pokemon trainer costume? Survey says... very cute.

Whether your kid is headed to a decades-themed school event or they're just looking for something different this Halloween, this nineties section is sure to have a look that'll make you happy and your kid "fetch". Are we using that right? Monster