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Do you have a vintage view of Halloween? Do you love crafting just as much as witchcraft? If so, it's time to fill your home with Halloween fun thanks to our Johanna Parker Halloween decor! You'll find a variety of adorable objects and Johanna Parker Halloween mugs to bring several smiles into your home for any season.
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Halloween decor is a serious staple around here. Heck, even when we're spreading smiles with hearts and fun around Valentine's, we're still finding ways to incorporate a few jack-o-lanterns while we're at it! That's why we love turning to Johanna Parker Design for some of the cutest takes on Halloween out there. If you're looking to deck out your den with all things creative, cute, and even a little bit kitschy, you'll find some adorable options in our Johanna Parker decorations section!

If you didn't know, Johanna Parker Design started when Johanna and her hubby left directing art in the TV News world and devoted their time to more creative aspirations. Blending a love for holiday folk art and a knack for crafting, the studio was soon filled with all sorts of designs. Paper mache and paint became brilliant creations—often highlighting their furry friend, Jack the Black Cat! Now Johanna, JP—and maybe even Jack once in a while—appear in art and craft shows while offering up seasonal spectacles with their ongoing designs!

What does that mean for you? Well, you can start by eyeing some of our Johanna Parker Halloween decorations. Each is an inspired piece of vintage Halloween decor. You'll find cartoonish grins on all the creatures, whether Frankenstein and his bride are showing up for the fun or the iconic black cat is playing around with the local ghosts and goblins. Place some of this decor upon your mantle or host in a spot that serves form as well as fashion! Johanna Parker jars can contain potpourri to create a festive scent or you can place LED lights under the paper mache creations to create an illuminated glow for all to see. 

We also carry several Johanna Parker Halloween Mugs in case you'd like to sip your cider in style. Pumpkins on parade, ghosts with grins, and cute black cats are all there to provide the spirit of Halloween on display or right in your hand! Get things heated up with functional ceramic decor like a tea pot or coffee mug and you are sure to be the house to visit on any trick-or-treat adventure. Couple this decor with some cute costumes and even the Pumpkin King, himself, will be impressed. 

So, take a look at these Johanna Parker decorations and find the perfect smile to add to your style. Put a single piece on display or fill your home with vintage Halloween decor to give your den a sense of witchy wonder. (Just don't forget Jack, the black cat, because you know that he's going to want to spread the fun!) Monster