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History is an endless vault for awesome costumes. You can find inspirational characters from every walk of life and explore all the continents throughout all time! And while our full historical characters are cool enough, historical costume accessories will help you build and perfect your ensemble. Scroll through this page and you'll find wigs, gloves, shoes, and masks that open up a time warp for you, personally.
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We know a lot of historical characters from their accessories. Abraham Lincoln has his top hat. Marie Antionette has her extraordinary wigs. Caesar had his royal leaf crown. Don't forget King Tut's black and gold headpiece, Benjamin Franklin's bifocals and key-kite combo, or even the more-than-mythological King Arthur's singing sword. In short, when it comes to creating any historical costume worth its salt, you've got to embrace the details that come with accessories. 

What's your favorite decade? Are you obsessed with the 1960s era fashion or the fashions of the 1690s? We have your back, either way. People who can't seem to stop dreaming of the over-the-top world of Versailles France will love looking through our collection of wigs and fans. Bright pastels and lace ruffles create that Rococo image that's a modern take on what you might see in painting at the Louvre. 

On the other hand, if you're a 60s era person, finding the accessories for your next sock hop is easy, as well! For instance, a poodle skirt won't have that diner-era flounce without a petticoat. 

Historical accessories aren't just for Halloween or reenactments. People taking on the tradition of Mardi Gras will be interested in our historical masks. You could either choose something simple such as the red or blue masks that would look right at home on some rogue in Shakspere-era Venice. Or if you want something a little bit fancier, you'll love our lace-trimmed Mardi Gras masks in virtually every color scheme. 

People who are putting together a DIY costume will love scrolling through this page. Steampunk fans can choose a scrolling pattern corset, top that off with a mini top hat, goggles, a petticoat, and a cane and you'll be ready for your next adventure. And the best part is, when you're focusing on the little things, you get to build your costume wardrobe with pieces that can be repurposed for different characters. 

Are you ready for your costume ideas to expand? From realistic looking 18th century style wigs to theatrical Egyptian masks, there are all sorts of opportunities to dive into the past in a real hands-on way.

Watch as Esmeralda from Victor Hugo's novel dances into life with the right necklace and petticoats. Blackbeard the pirate can threaten Halloween revelers with a beard, Renaissance belt, and sturdy black boots. Queen Cleopatra can charm people in real life with the right wig and jewelry. No matter who you are, the major events of the past are at your fingertips with access to these accessories. 

When you dress up as someone from the past, you get to take part in their story. You get to literally step into their shoes and try on their personality. It's the little things that help you transform, as any costume enthusiast will tell you! and whether you choose bob wigs, pirate boots, historical masks, or prop battle weaponry all the little things you need to make your character come to life is right here. From Viking warriors to dignified queens, who said that history has to stick to the books? Monster