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If your Halloween costume would look a lot better with a helmet be sure to get one of our costume helmets to complete your outfit! Viking helmets and Star Wars costume helmets are some of our most popular options and you can find them for sale right here along with many other great choices.
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Deluxe Jango Fett Helmet
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So, it goes without saying, masks are a really big deal at Halloween. From the Scream ghost mask to a latex werewolf mask, Halloween masks are ubiquitous with the holiday. But we think there's another costume essential that deserves equal attention. The costume helmet!

Viking costume helmets are the first thing most folks think of when you talk about wearing a helmet with a Halloween costume. And rightly so! Thanks to countless depictions of Viking warriors wearing horned helmets, it'd be a serious faux pas to wear a Viking costume without one. Even if whether they actually wore Viking helmets with horns is something historians debate!

If you're planning on ancient Vikings cosplay, you'll want to take a close look at our exclusive Viking helmets. Made of a firm foam material, they are much more comfortable than molded plastic. And they feature realistic paint details for remarkable realism! We have several styles available for men, women, and children. We even have a cool Valkyrie Norse helmet to cosplay as a Nordic god!

The next most popular Halloween costume helmets are for outer space adventurers. Because we feature several styles of astronaut helmets for kids and adults! You can grab a molded space suit helmet if you want your astronaut costume to have extra realism. Or buy our soft, plush astronaut helmet if you want your costume to be comfy and fun!

Star Wars helmets are another accessory that flies off of the shelves every Halloween. Because, as any fan should recognize, the Star Wars universe is full of characters that wear them! From Stormtrooper helmets to fan favorites like a Mandalorian helmet or Luke Skywalker Helmet, we have all of the most popular Star Wars helmets for sale right here.

One of the top kid's costume helmets every year is costume firefighter helmets. Little boys and girls just love dressing up in a realistic firefighter suit, so you'll want to be sure to grab a red firefighter helmet to complete the look. And, if the situation demands more help, you can shop for a police helmet or a soldier helmet to make sure your little one has plenty of helpers at the scene!

If you're still deciding on your next Halloween costume, we have lots of other themed helmets you'll want to take a look at, too. Speedsters will want to grab a race car driver helmet, or if you're a dedicated worker you might want to try on a costume hard hat. Movie fans might enjoy a Jurassic Park worker helmet, while football fans are sure to love a vintage costume football helmet.

If you're still thinking about going as an ancient warrior, you'll want to carefully consider one of the Viking horn helmets. Or you could do medieval cosplay with a knight helmet and an astounding armor suit. We even offer Roman helmets costume wearers love for their huge red feather plumes. Shop all of those options and more right here, and before you know it, you'll have an amazing lid to go with your awesome costume! Monster