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If your shiny, new Halloween costume needs a headpiece to get the look right, just get one of these costume hats to complete the outfit! With Mad Hatter costume hats, costume cowboy hats, pirate hats, and gangster hats, we've got headwear for every theme you can think of. We even have astronaut helmets if you're planning on blasting off to outer space!
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Deluxe Lodge Man Hat
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Lodge Hat
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Hats. Sometimes they keep your head warm in the middle of the winter, sometimes they conceal that bad hair day you're having and other times they turn you into a rootin' tootin' cowboy. We like to think of them as your head's new best friend and they've even been an integral part of history. Kings wear crowns and those are hats! Abe Lincoln wore a hat. Charlie Chaplin wore a hat. Davy Crockett wore a hat. Need we go on? It's about time you joined the club and added a little cranium adornment to your costume, or everyday fashion.

The challenge problem is selecting the right hat to fit your costume! With a crazy selection of headgear, hoods, helmets and laplanders, there's an almost unlimited options for customization with your look. Although a classic tricorn hat with your pirate costume might be the classic look, there's nothing to stop you from wearing one of our sombreros with it. If you want to pair a Santa hat with a werewolf costume, we encourage it! Use you imagination and one of our hats to create something no one will be able to forget! Monster