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Hanging Halloween Decorations

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Raise holiday spirits to the next level with Halloween hanging decorations! Shop hanging Halloween décor to discover classic howling ghosts and witches crashed into trees. Or grab Halloween hanging décor that turns your home into a fortress besieged by climbing zombies! From simple porch decorations to life-sized props for your theatrical display, our selection has the hanging décor needed!
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Pumpkin Pinata Halloween Decoration
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Spooky Ghost Pinata Decoration
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Old Timey Circus Sign
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You can't decorate from floorboards to rafters without hanging decorations! Ensure your Halloween spirit reaches the roof when you shop our selection of hanging décor! With everything from bat garlands to 5-foot-tall inflatable dragons, we've got what you want and need to take your Halloween display to the next level.

Not sure exactly what you're looking for? Hoping to be inspired and create the most impressive Halloween scene ever? Continue reading! The following guide details some of the exciting options available and is sure to give you plenty of decorating ideas to hang with!

Let's start with some classic hanging decoration ideas. One all-time favorite is a hanging ghost. Batter-operated and programmed in various ways, from multi-colored flashing lights to ghoulish noises, these small, spirited decorations make an excellent choice for decorators looking to keep their display family-friendly or brimming with nostalgia.

Speaking of nostalgia-inducing. Get the porch decked out for the trick-or-treaters or the living room ready for a kid's Halloween party with our selection of hanging bats, wall hangings, and wreaths! Paired with your glitter-covered pumpkins or expertly carved jack-o-lanterns indoors or out, these simple but festive hanging décor options easily transition from kid-friendly to chic Halloween party or haunted costume bash!

Ready to turn the front yard into a Halloween spectacular? Start with the trees! A crashed witch prop is always a knee-slapper. Though, one of her sisters still mounted on a broom and soaring through the branches of nearly-bare tree branches might send October chills down spines instead. Take that spooky feeling higher with a shaking and cackling witch or any of her haunted brethren hanging from branches in the shadows.

Put a twist on a traditional haunted house with wall-climbing décor hanging from windowpanes or gables. Instead of being full of ghosts and ghouls, your home will look in the process of becoming the terrifying cottage every trick-or-treater was warned about. Though, with a cauldron full of candy visible from the front window on Halloween night and happily glowing jack-o-lanterns greeting visitors, your besieged home will still look inviting!

Prefer the classic haunted house vibe? Bring those climbers inside to hang behind the windows and peer at passersby day in and day out. Or leave the windows unobscured and all guests unaware of the spooky characters waiting for them inside your Halloween party. Hang giant spiders from the ceiling and skull-adorned garlands over the doorways. When you explore our selection, you'll find that and so much more to transform any humble home into a ghoulish grotto!

With everything from easy, family-friendly ghosties to animated terrors ready to lurk in darkened rooms, our hanging Halloween decorations have you covered! Bring any of the ideas above to life shopping here. Or add your favorites to decorative plans all our own!

Didn't find the perfect swaying sorceress or jangling skeleton? Check back again! Our selection is continually expanding with all the thrills and chills you want for Halloween! Monster