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Creepy, kooky, spooky, and sophisticated! Gomez Addams is the charming father of the infamous yet engrossing Addams Family! He's a devoted dad, a loving brother, and a bewitched husband to Morticia. If you're looking for a Gomez Addams costume for this year's festivities, you're in the right place! Whether you want to be the cartoon version of this spooky papa or you're going for the live-action, you'll feel your dapper, spooky side released!
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The Adams Family Gomez Adult Costume
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If chewing on a cigar and tango-based public affection is right up your alley, then you've discovered the perfect character to celebrate this spooky season! Your Addams family Gomez costume is sure to open up the world for you. No longer are you limited to the normal past times of your friends and neighbors. What fun is collecting baseball cards or vintage cars compared to the art of tombstone collecting? And home decor has never been such a blast. The work you put into installing trapdoors throughout your home where people least expect it will put a brand new bounce in your step!

While not everyone can maintain their very own Venus Flytrap filled greenhouse, you can get a taste of the macabre Addams lifestyle one you're wearing Gomez Addam's classic pinstripe suit. The Gomez costume that celebrates the live-action movie has a double-button jacket, a shirt front with a necktie, and dapper pinstripe pants. Simply top off your look with a sharp handlebar mustache and you'll be ready for some serious tango action! 

Of course, the charm behind Gomez Addams isn't the man alone, it's the devotion to his family! A Gomez Addams Halloween costume makes a great couple's costume as well as a look that can be paired with your nuclear family and even an extended crew if you count Uncle Fester and Cousin Itt in!

Whether you're going for cartoonish or live-action, we have all the costumes you need to make your Addams family complete. There are lovely costumes for Morticia, the macabre matriarch, that'll make her the perfect tango partner. Then there are the children. Sullen girls of all ages will find a range of takes on Wednesday Addam's traditional black dress with white cuffs and collar. The cartoon version of Pugsley, big eyes and all, is a great choice for kids that don't want too many lines but still want to stir up a little trouble. You could even dress an infant in the family as the adorable yet firey Pubert. All you need is a little drawn on handlebar mustache and you're good to go! 

Are you ready to take on all the responsibility that goes with dressing up in your Gomez Addams Halloween costume? If not, don't torture yourself about it, that's Morticia's job! A Gomez costume is actually quite easy to slip into but the most important part of the costume is going to be your personality. Gomez's personality is a strange combination of excitable and smooth. While you're waiting for your chosen Addams Family Gomez costume to arrive, you can get into character by listening to a playlist of tango and organ music. You can also chomp on a big cigar even if the cigar you're chewing is a bubble gum cigar, you'll get the idea.

A Gomez Addams costume is sure to open up a brand new world for you! Just team up with your spooky and kooky family and you'll be ready to share your brand of Gomez Addams with the world this Halloween! Monster