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Get your daily dose of fruit and veggies with ease when you accessorize with our collection of food-themed wearables. Challenge the mighty Fruit of the Loom characters to include a waffle in their sweet logo work. Show the world your favorite goodies with a snack-shaped purse or take a swig from a delicious flask. You'll find a baker's dozen great items in our food accessories category.
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Whenever you're getting to know someone, one of the first questions that is going to be addressed is about your favorite food. It's far more useful information than knowing your ideal color and it is more immediately helpful than knowing which place in the world you'd like to visit. So, whether you're going to a Halloween bash or meeting a new friend for a quick bite to eat, show that you've got an answer prepared ahead of time. All you need to do is wear your favorite snack right on your sleeve with one of our Food Accessories. 

At first, we thought it might be strange to actually have a snack up your sleeve. We know it is an expression (or something like that) but the more we thought about it, we realized that it was a perfect way to add a bit of color to your design while making your favorite foods easily accessible. 

Imagine the classic waffle, for example. Everyone loves a waffle in the morning. But, they also make great mid-day snacks. And who would ever refuse breakfast for dinner!? Well, when you're walking around with an Eggo waffle at your side in the form of a purse, you'll make sure that waffles are on everyone's mind. In a snap, there will be a suggestion to get a delicious snack. 

But, that's not all. From carrots to bananas, from burgers to donuts, you can accentuate your style with foods from around the world. Try some authentic Italian or Chicago pizza with a belt bag. Channel Oktoberfest no matter the season with a Beer Stein at your side. We suspect that you can see the unlimited options that are available to you when you start thinking with your stomach! 

Of course, sometimes it isn't enough just to keep the snacks within reach. Sometimes, you might want a food-inspired color scheme. In that case, you can trust that we carry wigs, gloves, and undergarments that'll bring some real color to your life. Want a hairdo that looks like you were styled by a lemon? Try some neon yellow. Need some passion fruit in a pinch? You'll be pretty in pink! Are you trying out for the next group of Fruit of the Loom mascots? Well, you'll find an entire assortment of brightly colored clothes that will bring the sweetest of snacks to mind. Pair it with a pear costume and you'll become an animated fruit that will have the whole world salivating. 

All that is left is for you to scroll through our collection of Food Accessories and see what wets your whistle. Just remember, our accessories might look delicious, but they're definitely not meant to be eaten. (Although, there's nothing saying you can't store some delicious delectables inside the food-themed sachels or fill your flask with the sweetest of fruit juice!) Monster