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Flower and Plant Costumes

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Let your personality blossom with a plant or flower costume from our selection! Try rose costumes for a sultry look. Get sassy with cactus costumes. Or see how spooky a Venus fly trap costume can be for Halloween. When you shop at our quaint flower shop, you’re sure to build a bouquet worthy of any costumed event!
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The first thing you think of when costume shopping isn’t probably flowers. At least, not as the main event. You’ve probably worn or seen your share of flower crowns with fairy costumes and bouquets of black roses with dead bride costumes. But, chances are, the last time you needed to dress as an actual flower was for a school play.

We’re here to change all that with our selection of plant and flower costumes for adults and kids! How? Continue reading to hear a few of our thoughts on how to put a sunflower Halloween costume to use or which cactus costume would suit your style. We’re sure after looking through our options your mind will be blooming with flower costume ideas!

If you’re looking for a funny Halloween costume, a plant costume may be a perfect choice! You can get utterly wacky with a realistically print bush costume. It’d work to make a totally meme-able couple’s ensemble if paired with a Homer Simpson costume. Or you can play the cartoon character trying to sneak up on their friend disguised as an entire shrub.

Want a costume that can be funny or serious? Give a cactus costume a shot. These costumes hold a good deal of poke, from realistic saguaro cactuses with pale blossoms to humorous options available in our funny costumes selection. But if a cactus isn’t really your style, maybe you’re feeling a little less prickly and a bit more full of bite. Our Venus fly trap costumes may be exactly what you need! Relive the drama of Little Shop of Horrors and channel your inner Twoey in a potted man-eating Venus flytrap costume. Or create a hungry potted plant costume of your own with flytrap hats and masks.

Halloween doesn’t have to be for scary looks. You don’t need to lean into the hottest joke of the season either. Go for something pretty with a flower Halloween costume. Our selection offers light-up flower crowns and petaled hoods that are perfect for completing that flower costume DIY your kiddo came up with. With an assortment of sunflowers, roses, and daisies to choose from, you and yours can even come together to make a beautiful Halloween bouquet!

Whether you came here intent on wearing a plant Halloween costume, or you stumbled upon the idea totally by mistake, you’re sure to enjoy picking something from our garden! Create a flower pot costume with headpieces and wearable terra cotta-colored tunics. Show off your little sprout with an infant’s flower costume. Or poke a little fun with cactus jumpsuits that are way more versatile than they seem. For Halloween or your kiddo’s spring pageant, this selection is full of fresh ideas!