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Fifth Element Costumes

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The Fifth Element Multipass Accessory
Made By Us
Gold Money Pimp Cane
Adult Black Combat Boots
Big Daddy Diamond Pimp Cane
Coming Soon
Orange Bob Wig
Sold Out
Deluxe Orange Wig
Sold Out

The Fifth Element is one of those classic sci-fi action adventure movies that you can never really see enough. If that describes you, trust us, we're right there with you! Now, we won't promise you'll be suddenly placed in a situation of galactic proportions when you go in our Fifth Element costumes, but we do think you're going to look amazing. Whether you go as Ruby Rhod, Leeloo, or Korben Dallas, you'll look like you belong in a dystopic futuristic city fighting off aliens and an angry Gary Oldman! Just don't think you got to save the universe or anything. Just try and have a good time.