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Take a big bite of fun when you augment your costume with accessories you can really sink your teeth into! With a pair of faux fangs or tricky teeth, you can put an authentic twist to your monstrous makeup! It might take some practice getting your smile right, but everyone loves a toothy grin.
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Folks can sometimes take their teeth for granted. You know how it is. You munch on snacks, down your dinner, and suddenly it's been a few weeks beyond your check-up date with the dentist. So long as there isn't any tooth pain or folks aren't complaining too much about your breath, it can be easy to forget to focus on your choppers! But our teeth demand some attention! They want to be shown off for all their glory. 

That's especially true if you happen to be a creature of the night that is particularly known for their teeth. Sure, you can hop into your costume and look really spooky with just the furry mitts or the Victorian cape, but nothing makes a costume complete like sporting a smile that features a couple of full-length fangs! 

Now, there are a few differences that you'll want to be aware of when you're looking for your toothy prosthetics! First, consider the costumes that you'll want to use them for.

Vampires, for example, usually just have a pair of elongated canines. The rest of their teeth typically look just like your average human's chompers. (Why they still need grinding teeth, we're not sure!) A few kinds of vampires have truly monstrous teeth that are all sharp and deadly. Those guys only show up in the scariest of horror flicks, though. So, which vampire are you looking to become!? Are you a modern kind of vampire that has retractable fangs? If so, you can blend in with humanity with a snap and let them see your scary side in one quick hiss. We have vampire fangs that fit the bill for all three kinds of vamps. Pick out a pair of cheap vampire fangs for some quick "I vant to thuck yoor blvoods!" dialogue. Go with a pair of heat-moldable canines for a more comfortable fit and reusable fun. And, of course, pick up a pair of retractable fangs to really startle the crowd! 

Werewolves, on the other hand, usually have a full mouth of dangerous biters. For those kinds of costumes, take a look at a full set of heat-moldable teeth. They're better than your average plastic accessories because they shape to fit your own teeth. You'll be able to talk and breathe about the same as normal and your extra-toothy mouth will give you an easy wolfy accent. The wilder sets will give you teeth in all directions. (How a werewolf with those kinds of chaotic teeth can get a meal, we have no idea, but it sure looks scary!) 

Last, but not least, is where you'll find your good, old-fashioned demon teeth. (Or is that evil old-fashioned?) From Pennywise to Old Scratch, a yellow tooth or two will give you that rotted and wicked look that only the undead and those burned in hellfire can host. 

With all of these fang and teeth options, what are you waiting for!? Quit chattering your teeth and choose your favorite chompers! Monster