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Buck Teeth

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Buck Teeth
Buck Teeth
Product Information

Items Included
  • Buck Teeth Cap
  • 5 Powder Capsules
  • Mixing Fluid
  • White teeth prosthetic that fit in your mouth
  • Non-toxic safe tooth molding material creates a custom fit for your mouth
  • Should not be used over dental work such as braces, wires, dentures, plates, etc.
  • Directions on how to use and apply printed on package

"Ehh, what's up, Doc?"

Buck teeth are just plain fun. Sure, you can dress up like Bugs Bunny, or Cindy Lou Who, and these are a great accessory for that. But you know what else you can do? Liven up a boring office meeting by slipping them on just before your big presentation! Or wear them to the dinner table and see how long until your family notices. Do you preside over any weddings? How about a wearing big buck teeth for the bride and groom! Will you ruin their nuptials? Maybe. Will you provide them with a lifelong memory of your hilarious antics? Absolutely!

Or maybe you just need to go out and feel like someone else for a while. Might as well slip on a pair of teeth and try out a new accent! Bet a group of strangers you can open a bottle with your teeth and watch their reactions as your teeth break off in front of them! Our point is, these buck teeth can be used for pretty much any occasion. And when you do use them, you won't be the only one with a big beautiful smile on your face. Everyone else will be cracking up too!

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Five Stars
      By Current Customer / December 19, 2018
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      By Natasha / July 28, 2017
These are perfect for my Winnie Sanford costume
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Three Stars
      By cindy / September 20, 2019
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Five Stars
      By Current Customer / December 19, 2018
These teeth are amazing! I wore them on stage as a beaver and they looked fabulous and were very secure, even while singing and dancing. They are easy to mold to your teeth (takes about 15 minutes) and hold up to repeated use. After a couple of months of taking the teeth and out for rehearsals they did loosen up to the point where they fell out during my song, but I was able to add a little more of the molding material (the teeth come with some to spare) and the fit was as good as new.
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One Star
      By Current Customer / December 7, 2018
Very disappointed..not like the picture at all.
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      By Yordreem / November 12, 2018
Good product.Worked well.
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great item
      By Anonymous / August 10, 2018
Bought this for my Winifred Sanderson and they are perfect.

Easy to mold and get fitted.

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Pearly whites
      By Current Customer / September 13, 2017
I love these these big "buck teeth". I personally use them when I dress as a white rabbit (twice. But I bet I can use them if I ever Cosplay "Officer Hop".

Great material, easy to apply, stay on for long wear & most of all these don't make you talk funny when applied!
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